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Everyone always talks about eating “lighter” in the summer. Let me see … hot dogs and hamburgers, ice cream cones, elephant ears at the fair … doesn’t sound so light to me.

Summer meals often mean taking in a lot more calories than normal due to special weekend events and activities. But weeknights can get ugly, too, as you grill up another batch of fatty ribs or burgers. And don’t forget those trips to the Dairy Queen after dinner!

The next time you pull out your grill, try one of these healthy options instead of the usual bratwursts or hot dogs!

1. Turkey Burgers: I know, I know … turkey burgers just aren’t as juicy or flavorful as beef burgers. But you haven’t tried this one yet! This recipe from the Food Network uses olive oil and chopped Portobello mushroom cap to keep this turkey burger moist, juicy and bursting with flavor. It’s our go-to recipe for grilling and we prefer it over beef burgers any night! Your kids will never know they’re getting mushrooms either—they’re very well hidden in the cooked burger!

2.  Chicken Kebabs: There’s something about veggies and meat skewered on a stick that is much more appealing to a kid than just a plain old chicken breast with a side of green beans. Take advantage of the novelty aspect of the kebab to introduce a few new veggies like zucchini, mushrooms and squash to a picky eater. Marinate meat and veggies for extra flavor, first!

3.  Tuna Steaks: These might be a bit adventurous for the kids, but you never know until you try! You could substitute a mild white fish like Halibut or Red Snapper for kids, too. Try the Tuna steaks with an herb-infused oil!

4. Beer Can Chicken: It’s fun, easy and delicious! Try this recipe for a barbecued beer can chicken!

5. Pizza or Flatbread: Check out the recipes we’ve featured on grilling pizza and flatbread! With customized toppings, it’s easy to make these family favorites healthy and packed with veggies!