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Did you know that June is National Hamburger Month?

My family is a meat eating family, and hamburger is one of the many ways we consume our meat because it’s so versatile and my kids love it (that’s reason enough to have it every night!). I love to cook from scratch, but with three boys it just isn’t always an option because let’s be honest-I look at the clock on a Tuesday afternoon thinking I’ll get dinner started and it’s already 6pm. YIKES! Why does time go by so fast?!

Hamburger Helper Walmart

Thankfully we can celebrate National Hamburger Month even on those rushed days where I realize it’s too late to start a from scratch meal. Hamburger Helper® to the rescue! Not only is it a quick and easy dinner that’s REALLY a “value meal” (it costs us only $1.34 for a box at Walmart!) we are also getting a good serving of hamburger and I can add in little extras for a delicious semi-homemade meal!Hamburger Helper at WalmartRecently, we picked up some Tomato Basil Penne Hamburger Helper® at Walmart and decided to also pick up ingredients to fancy it up on one of those hectic nights…Shopping Cart with Hamburger HelperCLICK HERE to see the DELICIOUS outcome of this shopping trip and how I made my family an impressive meal in about 20 minutes!

On your busy nights, what kind of hamburger meal would be your go-to? Hamburger Helper® has so many options and when you customize the recipes you have endless dinner opportunities ready in minutes! Check out their super helpful recipes section to get some ideas on how you can have a quick weeknight meal your whole family will love.