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I am a swaddle advocate. I truly believe that if done correctly, swaddling is every mom’s best friend. I go into specifics HERE, but I wanted to talk a little more about one of the blankets I featured in my Swaddling 101 post.

An expo in San Francisco introduced me to the Hands To Heart Sleep Swaddle. While Jasmine and I were talking with the different exhibitors around the room, one heard Jasmine calling me the “Swaddle Nazi” and told us we HAD to go meet the owners of a swaddle blanket company that was there that day. “Ok, right!” I thought. Another swaddle blanket. At the time, I was fully against any pre-shaped “swaddle” blanket with velcro and such because I know the best swaddle is made with just your average blanket.

When we walked up to the booth for Hands To Heart Sleep Swaddle, we introduced ourselves to Michael, one of the creators of the Sleep Swaddle. Immediately, he showed us how it works and why it’s a step (actually a lot of steps) above the rest. I was intrigued. So I tried it out there, and then again at home with a friend’s new daughter.

Want to know my real opinion?

OH. MY. GOSH. YOU GUYS! Impressive.

I could write a novel explaining how much I love this Sleep Swaddle, but here are the cliff notes:

It is SUPER soft.
That is the first reason I loved it, mostly because it’s the first thing you realize. Just taking it out of the package was nice. So cushy and soft, made of 100-percent, non-dyed, all-natural cotton fabric. Love it.

It is not just a blanket …
This is a two-for-one deal! The Hands to Heart is not just a swaddle blanket … it’s also a sleep sack! That’s right! The genius of this blanket is the design. It is your basic sleep sack with a detachable “wing” that turns it into a swaddling blanket!

Your baby is positioned naturally

The Hands to Heart Swaddle keeps babies’ hands at their hearts (hence, the name!) for maximum comfort for baby. The natural position for infants, even in the womb, is hands up at the heart.

Easy Diaper Changes
The Hands to Heart is made with a zipper around the sides and bottom, which makes for an easy time getting it on newborns and easy-access diaper changes in the middle of the night without unswaddling your little one!!

Easy to Use
I may have swaddled many babies in my time as a nanny and a mom, but this blanket makes correct tight swaddling easy even for the most unexperienced! Watch their how to video HERE

Super-Soft Velcro
The velcro they use is a soft, low-profile velcro. If your baby accidentally touches it, it won’t scratch them.

The ONLY Swaddle Blanket I Can Get Super Tight
The correct way to swaddle a baby is to get the swaddle as tight as possible, which for me had only been possible with a regular blanket. Hands to Heart is the first “Swaddle Blanket” (designed for swaddling) that I can actually get a correct, securely tight swaddle.

One of my girlfriends recently had her first baby. She and her hubby are first-time parents, and throughout her pregnancy, she voiced her fears due to her lack of experience with any babies. It’s scary as a first-time parent to feel secure and comfortable with every part of taking care of baby. So I brought her the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle to try out after Baby K had wriggled her way out of every blanket and swaddle blanket they bought. They had pretty much given up on swaddling all together. I brought over the Hands to Heart and demonstrated how to use it. Baby K went from screaming to silently sleeping almost immediately.

I got a text early the next morning with a very happy mama telling me that Baby K slept for a four-hour block! The most she had slept before that was about two hours at a time. That was so exciting, and let me tell you, that’s not all. After that, Baby K was immediately soothed anytime she was in the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle. She is sleeping well, and mom and dad have no issues getting it on and off. Mom says their favorite feature is the zipper. They can get a diaper changed without unswaddling OR waking up baby! The only complaint they had was that the Velcro sometimes comes undone, but that in the swaddle’s defense, Baby K is a strong wiggler. Baby K’s mama says they are going to buy more because they need extras for when Baby messes the one they have.

Baby K is a bigger baby at 11 lbs and fit into the smallest size, no problem.

The Hands to Heart was lovingly designed by Angelique Millette, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant who I had the honor of meeting in San Francisco. Angelique and her husband Mike are passionate about helping babies (and parents) sleep. Angelique has an amazing natural talent, and this Sleep Swaddle is proof that passion makes for the best products. They have put so much time and effort into creating a swaddle that kept baby in a natural position, yet is easy to use. This makes for the perfect gift for a new mom, too!

The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle is available to purchase online, and in select stores around the nation.

Angelique has been a Parent Coach and Sleep Consultant working with families for 15 years.

*I was not compensated for this review, and all opinions are my own. I fully back the Hands To Heart Sleep Swaddle and recommend it to you all!