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I think back to my fondest memories with my sisters and friends when I was young and a most of my fun summer memories involve water. I was (and still am) a fish. I spent my days swimming and playing in the hose any chance I got. Of course like anyone else, at some point in my childhood we had a slip n slide. Back then it was merely a long piece of glorified plastic tarp that we sprayed the hose on, ran and slid. And boy did it hurt. We didn’t care much since it was fun, but oh man the burn and the pain in my ribs. I can still feel it now.

Fast forward and my kids all love the water as much as I do. We have taught them to not fear the water but to respect it and be safe, and much like my childhood my kids are now spending their summers at the pool! I heard about a product made by Bestway (a maker of all kinds of fun outdoor toys and products) that blows that simple slip n slide out of the water!

The H2OGO is an extremely well thought out water slide that takes the basic idea of running and sliding up a notch.

Gone are the days of painful landings because the H2OGo has a revolutionary inflateable launch pad at the beginning of the slide for a cushioned landing and angled slide into the H2oGO!H2OGO All set up!The H2OGo also fills with water around the edges and lightly sprays some up and onto the slide through holes around the border. The end (or “finish line” as my son calls it) has a larger border that fills with water, making for a bumper should your child slide too far and a slight pool effect which splashes them!Sliding on the H2OGOWe tested it out with a group of kids, and none of them were quite heavy enough to slide all the way to the end, but all had the time of their lives! My oldest son has sensitivities to things like sprinkling water but even he warmed up and was squealing with delight.H2OGO for Summer Fun!The H2OGo comes in a single, double or triple version (we are showing the triple version here). We love the triple version because more kids can enjoy it at the same time without bumping into each other too much. It did happen, but not for lack of space…more like lack of patience and attention.

The little ones loved splashing by the sidelines where the water sprays out of the border. Water pools up around the slide, making the perfect play areas for even the littlest of water fans. My 1 year old sat and splashed until his lips turned blue from being cold. He had so much fun in the water and we didn’t have to worry about the danger of him drowning like we would in a pool.Fun To Splash In!

Set up and take down are a cinch once you figure out which opening is for air and which is for water. Instructions aren’t phenomenal, but it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. It folds up and fits neatly into it’s box for storage.

The quality of plastic is strong and seems like it will last a very long time. We haven’t put it to the crazy dads test yet, but the kids were tough on it and it held up just fine.

The only downside to the H2OGo is the massive amount of water it uses. Here in California we are in a drought and water restrictions are now in place, making toys like this harder and harder to use. We used it before the drought got so bad, but my family is now installing artificial turf thanks to dead grass and we will be able to splurge and use some water once in a while to play in since it’s no longer needed for our lawn. For those of you with no water restrictions-it still uses a lot of water. We might have had it on for 45 minutes and there were pools of water all over the yard.

Overall we love the H2OGo and highly recommend it for summertime fun! Get your buddies all together for races, silly fun and splashing memories will be made, no doubt.

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