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Happy National Adoption Month!

Grown In My Heart is a series written about the adoption process from a mom who has been through it. She will be sharing her entire experience with you all in hopes to help other parents who are looking into adoption or going through the process.

“For those considering adoption, you may already realize how convoluted it seems. There are so many options and it often feels like there is not a lot of support out there. When we began the adoption process, I vowed to help other women who were considering adoption, or were already in the process. Let me start with a small disclaimer. First, I am not an adoption professional. I am simply an adoptive mom who wants to share her story. Second, I am speaking only about my experience. While I know many that have a similar story, each process is different. My goal in sharing this is to help other women know where to start and to have some idea of what could happen.”

To begin, I’d like to share my story. This is a VERY abbreviated version. If you’d like to see a more detailed account, you are welcome to read my blog HERE. In future entries, I’ll share more focused information about the questions that I tend to get most.

My husband and I tried to conceive a child for five years before we decided to go in to meet with a doctor. During that time, we moved three times, and figured that the stress of all of the transition (which included an out-of-state move) was the culprit.  Once we hit the five-year mark, we knew it was more than transition. We went in for testing. Ultimately, we both have some problems and our chances of conceiving are around 4 percent. After much discussion, we decided to try fertility treatments.  Before we started, we decided to set a limit to prevent us from becoming obsessed with getting pregnant (which happens to a lot of people). We agreed that we would try the treatments for three months. At the end of the three months, even though we desperately wanted to try again, we stopped and looked at other options.

Since we really wanted a child, we decided to move forward with adoption. I researched agencies, selected one, and started the process in January 2010. We completed our adoption class, home study and were certified by the state of Arizona in May.  We had quite a few months where nothing was happening, which was challenging at times. I used those months to read books about adoption. In November, I received a phone call from our agency that we had been selected by a birth mother (we had actually been connected with another potential couple as well, but that is another story). We met her the day before Thanksgiving and became an official match about two weeks later. After meeting twice to talk about our adoption agreement and hospital plan, we witnessed the birth of our son on January 11, 2011.

We were blessed to be able to be in the delivery room as he came into this world, and I was even given the chance to cut his umbilical cord (which I would never want to do again). We took him directly home from the hospital and our lives changed forever. Our adoption was finalized on September 15, 2011. To this day, we continue to keep in touch with our birth mom. We meet up with her whenever possible, which is getting harder since we have moved away from Arizona. As we recently celebrated our first adoption anniversary, I realized that while the process seemed to take forever, it was merely a blip (albeit a very important blip) in our family story.

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The Grown In My Heart series is brought to you by Katie, a stay-at-home mom from Las Vegas and amazing older sister to our own editor, Emily. After years of trying to conceive, Katie and her husband Matt welcomed a son to their family on January 11, 2011 through adoption. She will be sharing her story through the month of November , so check back for more and leave comments if you have any questions for her! If you are interested in more of her story and following along in the future, you can find the entire blog account HERE.