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If you’re in need of a fun way for your kids to cool off, check out these awesome Grape-cicles!

I like to think of healthy foods to help cool the kiddos down. I still turn to popcicles and ice cream periodically, but those are not an everyday kind of treat around here. I like to find ways to make other foods seem JUST as amazing as the unhealthier treats.

When I was trying to think of a brunch-style finger food for a Kindergarten graduation last week, I strayed from the suggestion of donuts and headed towards fruit. But with the offer of donuts right next to fruit, kids will usually choose the donuts (my fat butt can’t blame them). I needed something that appealed more to the kids!

So I went and bought green and red grapes and a package of skewers.

I skewered 9 grapes onto each stick, alternating colors and making sure the top grape covered the pointy end of the skewer.

I layed them flat in Tupperware, placing a layer of foil (or wax paper) in between each layer of grape skewers, and stuck them into the freezer. Allow at least 3 hours, but we let them go overnight.

Once frozen, place them into gallon sized ziplock bags and seal them. This makes it easy to take one or two out at a time. These were a HIT with the kids! They feel like popcicles, taste sweet like popcicles, but are REAL FRUIT! Such a fun snack or party treat, and a great way to cool off on hot summer days!