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If you’re in the market for a double stroller, the Graco Modes Duo is hands down one of my favorite models! With 27 different riding positions for two children from birth until 50 pounds, this stroller will fit any family’s needs!Graco Modes Duo PositionsWhether you need it for twins or if you’re having your second child, the seats can be placed exactly how you need them. Have a newborn and child who is phasing out of a stroller but not quite? Not only can you have your infant car seat AND a toddler seat on the stroller, you can take the back seat off and use it with the built in stroller board and the infant seat on the front!Graco Modes Duo Stroller BoardThere is a built in seat with buckle that your older child can sit on while their feet rest comfortably on the stroller board. It’s the perfect way for your more independent child to walk when they want to or sit/stand and get pushed on the stroller.

The brake is located in the center of the stroller board and it’s a simple push down to brake, pull up to go set up.

Graco Modes Duo BrakeAnother plus is the amount of cup holders-there is no shortage of spots for your own drinks or kids’ sippy cups. Five total, in fact!Graco Modes Duo Cup Holders There are cup holders on each of the toddler seat’s handle bars,  but no snack tray option. Graco Modes Duo Seat CupholderThe peek a boo windows on each of the sun canopies is a quiet open and close to check on your little one without disturbing them.Graco Modes Duo Peek WindowWhile the under carriage storage is oversized and spacious, with two seats or car seats on it there’s no way to access the storage area with big items. Small items like toys and bottles can be accessed through the side but if you have your diaper bag down there it will be a bit of a pain to get into it.

Graco Modes Duo Storage

We checked out the “Holt” pattern and boy is it trendy! The black and white stripes in the sun canopies and shoulder belts against the black frame and seats is so gorgeous and perfectly gender neutral. Graco Modes Duo Holt

The Modes Duo folds so simply with one hand and can fold with both seats still attached. We LOVE that it stays upright in a standing position when folded, making for a much better storage situation!Graco Modes Duo FoldedLike most double strollers, it is pretty bulky. We tried to fit it into the minivan trunk with both seats attached with no luck. To fit in there we had to remove the front seat and place it in separately. That’s kind of a bummer if you need your trunk space on a regular basis, but for us it’s not a problem.Graco Modes Duo Car TrunkOverall, the ride is smooth. It does have an understandably large turning radius, making maneuverability a little tough but it’s to be expected of a tandem stroller.

Our biggest complaint is the difficulty in placing the car seats onto the frame. While there are built in adapters for the Graco Snug Ride seats, the placement of the seats needs to be just right in order for them to lock in, and it’s not always easy to get them into the right position. Not a deal breaker but it is frustrating when you have twin infants and need to put two car seats onto the frame.

What sells this stroller for us though is the seat positions. Being able to face your children towards each other with tons of leg space is something that’s very hard to find.  Even better? When they fight, it’s a simple flip of one chair to solve the problem! I love that about this stroller! You can move seats around until you find the perfect fit for your family.

We highly recommend the Modes Duo double stroller, it’s a great quality stroller at an affordable price for any family.

You can find the Graco Modes Duo stroller Online or at your local baby retailer!


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