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A few weeks into school this year, I started to hear a recurring phrase from my Kindergarten son that I had never heard before. He would base each day’s success on whether or not they had done GoNoodle. I was confused and unsure of exactly what was going on in my son’s class and wanted to know more.

What I found was amazing.

GoNoodle is an online interactive site full of videos for deskside physical activity made for educators to use in the classroom. They start the day with it, use it for indoor recess and even as a pick me up in the middle of the day when the kids are lagging.

My son loves the days that his class starts with a GoNoodle video! On the site, they claim that GoNoodle helps to channel the students’ physical and emotional energy for good and it helps teachers manage their classes and improve the student performance. Some teachers are quoted as saying that test scores in their classrooms have gone up and I believe it! Happier lively children who have a release for their energy can just listen better (we moms know this first hand!). My kids handle home life better after a walk or trip to the park, so I LOVE this idea!

GoNoodle not only has an educator login, it’s got one for parents too! I created a login for my family and we now use it too! My son loves that we are continuing the activities he does at school once he’s home, and his younger brother thinks it’s pretty awesome too!

Each GoNoodle account starts by choosing a Champ: a fun little creature to follow your child’s progress.
There is a huge library of interactive videos that will get your kids up and moving or even relaxing and breathing with calming videos to make them think and understand being a better citizen. Each video your child finishes is worth points for their Champ, and every 10 points makes their Champ grow a little! They see progress come from the work they put in, and love to do more to earn more points!

My boys love all the videos but they are OBSESSED with the Koo Koo Kangaroo guys. These guys are silly, trendy, cool, active and fun to watch and my boys follow their every move when they are on the screen!Koo Koo Kangaroo

I love GoNoodle and the positive change I see in my boys when they have the option to let out their energy on days or times we aren’t able to get outside. They are not only letting out energy, they’re working together and encouraging each other to do well in each challenge…something I don’t often see in my house!
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Check out GoNoodle yourself and get your kiddos moving around and having fun (especially with winter right around the corner!).