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1. Unplug and turn off : Unplug any cords that aren’t being used—cell phones, toaster, coffee makers. When you’re not using electronics such as computers, TV or a stereo, shut them down.

2. Pay bills online: Sign up for electronic billing so you can ditch the paper bills (as well as the energy that’s expended printing those bills and getting them to you!).

3. Plant a garden: Try planting some of your own fruits, vegetables or herbs! You can even try composting and using your compost to fertilize your garden.

4. Shop with reusable bags: Pick up a few cloth bags to keep in your car for shopping trips.

5. Wash in cold: When doing laundry, wash your clothes in cold water.

6. Carpool or use public transportation: Have some other neighborhood kids who can ride together to school? Or how about traveling to work? See if you can work out a plan for carpooling or check out your public transportation schedule.

7. Buy a bottle: Plastic water bottles make a lot of waste. Buy a bottle you can keep reusing for your water.

8. Junk the junk: Get off of junk mail lists!

9. Turn off the water: While brushing your teeth, turn off water. Get your children in the habit of doing this as well.

10. Pass it on: Teach your children to care for the environment. Model green lifestyle choices together such as recycling, composting, walking or carpooling, turning off lights, and reusing!