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Remember that awesome guest post we had up last weekend? If you didn’t see it, our guest poster Rachel, did an awesome tutorial on how to make Wool Dryer Balls. But if you are anything like me, you’d rather buy something than make it. Well guess what? We have something even better! Rachel has been so generous and is giving away a set of four Wool Dryer Balls!


Reasons you should replace traditional dryer sheets with Wool Dryer Balls:

  • Reduces static
  • Reduces dry time by 25-45% (depending on your load size)
  • Acts as a fabric softener, without the harsh chemicals in liquid fabric softener.
  • Eco-Friendly (They last for years if they are made correctly, that’s a lot longer than a single use dryer sheet!)
  • Hypo-allergenic (even people with wool sensitivities should not have a problem with these balls)
  • Fragrance free (though you could certainly add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil (not fragrance oil) to the balls, let them dry for about 10 minutes, and they will hold their scent for a while).
  • 100% safe for cloth diapers!
Ready to win a set?

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*** Please note: the maker of these wool balls does have cats, but the wool balls are kept high and away from them.