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What better way to celebrate your little princess than by throwing a princess-themed birthday party? She’ll love getting dressed up in her prettiest outfit and being treated like royalty along with her royal court of princess friends.

Invitations & Decorations

On your invitations, let guests know to come dressed in their best princess attire (or prince attire if little boys will be attending). The party will be a lot more fun if all of the guests feel like royalty, and it’ll encourage your little princess to treat her friends like royalty to.

Get a set of pretty princess birthday supplies to give you a head start decorating and setting the party table. There are tons of options that feature crowns, tiaras and lots of pink. If your little majesty has a favorite Disney princess, you can find a set that suits her.

Activities & Entertainment

Invite all of the princesses to make a tiara craft right when they arrive. This project is a great way to spend the first bit of the party because you don’t have to wait for everyone to get there before digging in on the project. Feel free to get parents involved, as well. If you can get the dads to participate, you’ll get some hilarious pics for posterity. Also give the little ladies lots of costume jewelry to wear, so they feel royal.

Hire a “real princess” to arrive at the party, complete in a costume and character that your aspiring princess will love. There are plenty of companies that’ll deploy princess actresses to your party. They can facilitate games, answer questions and of course pose for photos with the guests.

Turn classic party games into royal-themed games by adjusting the name of the game, and potentially the materials. Instead of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” draw a castle on a large sheet of paper, give each guest a princess cutout and play “Put the Princess in her Tower.”


Make a fancy punch by pouring lemon-lime soda and fruit punch into a large bowl, adding a large ring of ice frozen in a bundt pan and scoops of strawberry sherbet on top. Serving it out of clear cups with pink straws completes the girly look and will have your guests coming back for more.

Tiny tea sandwiches in fun shapes are always a hit, especially if you make a few varieties to cater to a little taste buds. Chocolate-covered strawberries make great treats to, as do cheese cubes and slices of strawberry cream cheese roll-ups.

Prepare your own pretty cupcakes, which are easier to eat than a big sheet cake.

Thinking through all of the details for the party in advance will give you plenty of time to create a party fit for royalty. Every element of the invitations, decorations, games and food can fit with the princess theme. Most of all make sure your little girl feels like the guest of honor!