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KIDS! Giggle tickles your nose and curls your toes with fizzy, funny, giggly, bubbly, fruity flavor!

GROWN-UPS! Grab a Giggle too. ‘Cause it’s low calorie, naturally sweetened, organic and positively Giggliciously good!”


These words, right off a can of Giggle, couldn’t be more true. I was just introduced to Giggle, which is a new child-friendly organic, low calorie, vegan, kosher, vitamin-fortified, fizzy water brand, and my kids can’t get enough.

This is something I have been looking for to give my children. My kids are constantly asking for soda, and while it’s a very rare occasion that I cave in, it still happens from time to time. We pretty much only stock our home with water, but that can get boring for children. However, thanks to Giggle, my kids are perfectly satisfied, while still getting some of the nutrients they need and omitting all that harsh sugars, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Giggle also comes in  8.4 ounce cans, which are perfect for kids. Currently in only two flavors – Lemonlicious and Orangerrific–  the drinks are delicious with the right amount of sweet thanks to the the fact it’s naturally sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol.


The brand is called Giggle but takes children’s health extremely seriously.  Founded by certified health coach Elle Kister and husband Adrian Kister, Giggle came about after the birth of the couple’s third child.  The Australian natives actively began researching throughout Australia, and then the global food and beverage market, for a line of child-friendly, low calorie, vitamin-enhanced sparkling drinks to give to their children in lieu of soda and sugary juices.  Finding nothing, the entrepreneurial family decided to invent a brand themselves.  “As a health coach and parent, I was shocked to find the youth health beverage space grossly underserved.  In creating Giggle, it was imperative that our sparkling beverages were full of flavour, USDA certified organic and low calorie without having any artificial sweeteners or flavors,” says Elle.

High-quality and exceptionally tasting products are equally important to the groundbreaking family-owned brand.  After rigorous taste-test trials with the toughest of critics – groups of countless youngsters, Giggle now lives.  “Children never hold back when it comes to their likes and dislikes, and we waited until we had their unanimous approval to launch.  We know that if kids love Giggle, adults, young and old alike, will love it too” adds Adrian.

Giggle’s Lemonlicious and Orangerrific are already available in over 40 locations in the California market. Southern California was the logical starting point for Giggle, with its sun, surf and health conscious consumers. “The response and feedback from the retailers and consumers has been fantastic,” says Elle.

Current retailers include Bristol Farms, Erewhon, and Mother’s Market, with interest already received from across the nation. Giggle is available in single serving cans priced at $1.79.

For more information about Giggle, please visit their website at


Disclosure: I received product to review, all opinions are my own.