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Let’s talk about a feeding staple nowadays: the nursing pillow. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, having the perfect pillow to position your baby comfortably just makes feeding a better experience. I have been feeding babies for a long time-first as a nanny, now as a mom and I have been all about making sure that not only are you using a nursing pillow for comfort, but also making sure to position the baby at an angle with their head raised for better digestion and to reduce reflux. Well wouldn’t you know it, Dr. Browns (who makes the most awesome bottles and more!) has fixed the problem I had of using an extra pillow or manuvering my legs to make sure the pillow kept baby in the best feeding position-the Gia Angled Breastfeeding Pillow.

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Dr Browns Gia Pillow

The Gia Pillow is perfectly angled to keep your baby in the most ideal feeding position. As you can see from the picture above, it is larger on one side and it tapers down on the other. This keeps baby’s head and torso raised, which is better for digestion and helps with reflux. If your baby is having issues with spitting up or reflux, this pillow is a must! My little guy was spitting up and would have what sounded like a bad cold because the reflux would get stuck up in his nasal cavitiy. Once I was keeping him better propped for feeding and sleeping, the congestion sound started to go away. This pillow really helps with that!


Gia Features

Gia is much wider on the larger end than the other pillows on the market. This helps give baby all the room they need when they feed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached for something or re-positioned and the baby started to fall off with other pillows! With Gia, you’ll have less of a chance of that thanks to it’s size.

It’s also machine washable, yet still retains it’s shape! The Gia pillow is ok to use with or without a cover (the pillow itself is patterned as well) but my suggestion is to buy a cover so that you aren’t waiting for the pillow to get washed after a guaranteed spit-up or poop moment…


The Gia also makes for a great baby positioner! My little guy loves to be propped up. He prefers to not lie flat on the ground, and Gia helps keep him sitting up just enough to keep him feeling included and like a big boy.
There are so many amazing things about this pillow, check out this video all about it:

There are 5 covers you can choose from, and whether you have a boy, girl or are keeping it “Team Green” and staying gender neutral, there is a cover for you! We have the “Chase” cover and it is so trendy and cute, but also so very soft and great quality! I love the embroidery stiching!

Gia Pillow Covers


Their cover doesn’t contain any zipper, it is meant to slip on and off with a pocket on the end to keep it snug. This is where my only complaint is for this pillow. I had a heck of a time getting the cover all the way on. The pocket is on the larger end and getting the cover all the way over the smaller tapered end was a task to say the least. Once it’s on, it fits so well and looks great, but it’s a pain on the weeks my son decides to have a diaper blowout daily.

IMG_3934Despite the issues getting the cover on, I highly recommend this pillow! It is a godsend for my son’s reflux and it is so comfortable to use.

Buy yours at your local Buy Buy Baby or online!

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