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Sometimes I need to pinch myself at the opportunities that have been presented to me. Just this month I was invited to Sacramento’s AFTERSHOCK Festival to meet with Pura Vida and Godsmack. Yes, you read that right.. Godsmack!

If you have been following Simply Real Moms you know we are huge fans of Pura Vida Tequila. In fact, thanks to Pura Vida I finally acquired a taste to tequila again and theirs has definitely become— hands down—my favorite tequila. So when we learned that Godsmack had teamed up with Pura Vida Tequila we couldn’t wait to meet the both of them and learn about how they got together.

It was a dreadfully hot day in Sacramento with temperatures hitting 103. The venue was packed and the energy inside was roaring. Sara, our Simply Real Moms photographer, and I made our way around the festival watching some bands I hadn’t listened to in years. We reminisced on our high school days and sang out loud to the songs we knew, especially when Rise Against came on!

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After listening to several bands we made our way back to the media tent to wait for security to bring us through so we could hang with the stars of the show, Godsmack! Unfortunately Pura Vida was unable to attend due to a conflict in schedule (did I mention they had been touring all over the US with Godsmack?) but that didn’t mean their spirit wasn’t there with us.

Once security got us through it was time to head to Sully from Godsmack’s personal tour bus! Sara and I sat outside his bus while he was on a call and waited for him to be done. During the wait we watched the San Francisco 49ers game with Sully’s personal security guy and enjoyed everything that was going on around us.

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As we waited for Sully to finish my heart raced. I have never met a rock star before, let alone interviewed one, so I didn’t know what to expect. Once that door opened and Sully walked out I took a deep breath, shook his hand and walked into his tour bus. The tour bus was nothing like I expected and instantly got a calming feeling as I sat down to start my interview.

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Here I was, face to face, with Sully Erna who was giving me his undivided attention. Something most people dream about and I was living out that dream. I apologized for probably asking questions he wasn’t used to as I am not his typical music blogger/journalist he meets and he assured me it was a good thing!

We started chatting about Pura Vida (obviously) and how they got connected. If you follow us on social media you probably noticed we used the hashtag “#815TequilaTime.” During our talk I learned that back when Godsmack was on tour they would always take a shot of tequila at 8:15pm to get them into concert mode before their set at 8:30pm. What started with 4 people turned into 50 as word started to spread and Sully had a great idea to try and find a company that wanted to partner up for an 8:15 tequila. When Stewart from Pura Vida heard about this he loved the marketing concept and from there they started their wonderful partnership.


We were so bummed we weren’t able to talk to Pura Vida about the partnership, being that I am a huge advocate for their tequila, but we were glad we got to hear some of it from Sully!

After the business talk it was time to get to know Sully Erna. Being that we are a parenting and lifestlye blog we asked what any mom would ask about… children!

Once I brought up his daughter his eyes lite up and the proud father in him came out. Sully’s daughter is 13 years old and grew up touring with him. He says she “knows the routine better than anyone else.” The musical talent doesn’t fall far from the tree as she plays the piano, guitar and has a great singing voice. Best part? She has a super talented and cool father that can help her if she ever decides to take up music as a profession. But for now she just enjoys doing it as a hobby and Sully won’t pressure her. We admire that about him!

After chatting a bit about his daughter and home life in Boston we wanted to learn a little more about him, as a person! What his hobbies were, cars he drives, things he is passionate about.  We sat and chatted with him like we had known him for years. Sully claims he was probably a “cowboy in another life” as he enjoys competitive shooting, motorcycles, and playing poker.

When he isn’t touring he has picked up a new passion which he is good at— acting! It is something he now loves to do and we sure hope we see him on the big screen in the near future! Maybe even with a Pura Vida Tres Hombres cocktail in hand.

Twenty minutes passed by quickly and it was time to say goodbye and good luck. It was a true pleasure to meet Sully and we thank Pura Vida for setting up this special interview and experience. Hopefully next time we get to meet Stewart and everyone from Pura Vida!

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After the interview both Sara and I were pumped up and I couldn’t wait for my very first Godsmack experience! The crowd was roaring louder than I had heard before as Godsmack took the stage! With the music blaring, the band rocking, and the fans cheering, this couldn’t have been a better ending to my incredible experience.

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To keep the party going at home we are making some of our favorite Pura Vida cocktails:

Stay tuned as we continue to keep the party going with more Pura Vida recipes!


Disclosure: I was part of a Pura Vida/ Godsmack music tour campaign. Comped tickets, photo passes and a gift set from Pura Vida were included, however opinions are all my own.