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With school in full swing and our lives as crazy as ever, family game night is a much needed break for all of us to sit around together enjoying quality time and laughs without distraction. We get to put aside work stresses and school projects for a few hours and really just be a family.

My family loves to sit on the living room floor with music playing and some snacks and play games that get us laughing.

The newest game that will get my kids laughing every time? Pie Face!.


You may have seen videos circulating of this new game and wondered if it was fake or made up, but let me tell you. It’s real and it’s REALLY fun! We put it to the fun test with the kids and the giggles were infectious as we all got in on the Pie Face! action!

Pie Face! is essentially a roulette type of a game-you never know when it will go off! You spin the spinner and see how many turns you get on the Pie Face. Place your face into the mask and turn the handles as many clicks as you spun. The Pie will be thrown at any time and you never know when that will happen, so the sweet surprise will have everyone laughing on the floor after the anticipation!

We can’t wait to pull Pie Face! out when friends and family come over this Holiday season, it’s for sure going to be the crowd pleaser amongst everyone! How perfect will it be to have on the table after Thanksgiving dinner is over and folks are expecting their pumpkin pie? The laughs will for sure work up that dessert appetite!

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