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My name is Emily and I’m a picker.

Hi, Emily.

Seriously. Well, I don’t pick everything, so before you click away because you’re worried this is going to be a booger post (I’ll do one of those later) WAIT.

My little boy had cradle cap from the time we took him home from the hospital, and it bothered me. Big time. I wanted so badly to pick it off because it just looked so bad, but as soon as you touch it, it’s like waking up a bat in a cave. All his hidden little ugly friends come out to play. It never ends!

I got to a point where I was fed up. I knew there had to be a way to treat this little man dandruff. So I did what I do with everything. I researched. A lot. There were so many posts about diluting a particular brand of dandruff shampoo and washing your baby’s hair with it. Not for me. Some moms said that theres a baby shampoo specifically made to help cradle cap, but that it needed to be used often. It wasn’t a cure. I needed a cure.

And then, I came upon the craziest idea, but all the moms SWORE by it to cure…CURE cradle cap. Say what?! I was intrigued.

Olive Oil. I kid not, my friends. This delicious lubricant is the answer to my picking obsession. So I did it. I got out my ingredients to make my favorite pasta, sat bebe in his highchair with some toys and a book, and slathered his head and the pasta up. Not together, just to clarify. I recommend that if baby is a mover, you should do this while your child is in a contained area like the highchair, or in the bath so that you don’t have a couch and carpet that look like one of the Outsiders slept over.


I let him sit while cooking, probably 15 minutes or so, then as the food simmered, I took bebe to the tub and washed it out. How, you ask? Take the fine end of a comb, or if you were lucky enough to have been given a soft bristle scrubber at the hospital that works great, and work it front to back…as if you were styling Brandon Walsh’s hair. Then you want to work it side to side, making a Trump style. I did this for about 5 minutes, washed with baby shampoo, then brushed again, washed again. Rinse well. Very well. And thats it!  Gone.