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My family loves games! Always on the lookout for new games, I was excited to try out Feed the Woozle and Willy’s Wiggly Web from Peaceable Kingdom. Feed the Woozle and Willy’s Wiggly Web are both games where all players work together toward a common goal—as Peaceable Kingdom says A Cooperative Game for Little Kids.

What is Peaceable Kingdom?

Since 1983 Peaceable Kingdom has created fresh, fun, award-winning products for kids that educate, inspire and tickle funny bones! The company was founded on a single product—a poster featuring the beloved art from the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon. Almost 30 years and more than 5,000 products later, we have grown to be a leader in juvenile stickers, greeting cards, and cooperative games.

I’ve always played games such as Memory, Go Fish and Scrabble Jr. with preschoolers and enjoyed them. The major downfall is that those games are not as much about working together, but more working towards winning. I love the concept  of cooperative play behind Peaceable Kingdom games. Working together in cooperative play is such an important social skill for children. Feed the Woozle and Willy’s Wiggly Web also feature three levels of play so the game grows with your child! How often have you bought a game for your preschooler that they outgrew playing within months? No need to worry about that with these games!

Feed the Woozle~Winner of the Gold Best Toy Award

For ages 3+

If you are looking for an active, fun and game full of giggles, Feed the Woozle is the game for you! Players stack food on a spoon and have to do different tasks to get the food to the Woozle’s mouth. Everyone works together to help the Woozle eat all of his food to complete the game! Feed the Woozle helps develop social skills, body awareness, motor skills, counting and so much more! Learning can be fun with cooperative games.

Willy’s Wiggly Web: Winner of the Gold Best Toy Award

For ages 3+

My son loves everything about Willy’s Wiggly Web! Playing Willy’s Wiggly Web, the idea is to free all the bugs from the spider’s web. Christopher loves setting up the net, putting in the bugs and then “cutting” them out. He doesn’t quite have the fine motor skills to manipulate the scissors, but he tries (and ripping paper is a pre-cutting skill)! Like Feed the Woozle, there are three levels of play so your family will enjoy this game for years to come. Willy’s Wiggly Web helps develop children’s social skills, cooperative play, the concept of left and right, and fine motor skills.

Peaceable Kingdom offers several cooperative games that would make the perfect gift for young children this holiday season! What better way to bring your family together this holiday than to play cooperative games together! You can follow Peaceable Kingdom on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news about the products they offer!


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