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As the summer months wind down and we head into fall it’s a really magical time to get the kids outside in the wonderful weather now that it’s not excruciatingly hot but not yet too cold! We take full advantage of getting outside and really burning off the excess energy the kids build up, but the usual bike riding and playing sports doesn’t always cut it for them. Kids LOVE to burn their energy out in new and exciting ways, and I love to watch them enjoy themselves. Getting out and playing in ways outside of the norm helps kids keep from getting bored and asking for more-meaning easier bedtimes and more sleep at night…something that is so important now that school is back in!

Here’s a great list of five FUN ways to help your kids burn energy:

Host A Kids Olympics

Kids' Olympics IdeasMy mother in law hosted the most fun family olympics and the kids had so much fun but most importantly they ran themselves to sleep! Lots of activity and movement made for tired kids and memories made. We played games like Water Balloon Volleyball, “Javelin” Throw, Corn Hole, Hula Hoop Competition, Basketball and more! There are TONS more ideas on Pinterest that could make for the best kids olympics ever! We held a medal ceremony at the end to congratulate all the kids on hard work well done, such a fun idea.

Trampoline Jumping

Little Tikes 7' TrampolineI feel like Jumping is the best energy burner! My kids could jump all day and a trampoline is their favorite way to do it! This Little Tikes trampoline is perfectly sized for younger kiddos so it won’t take up all the space in your yard, and has the most secure barrier around it, keeping my kids safe while they jump their crazies out. My 6 year old and my 2 year old both love it and are both tired to the bone after a little while on there.

Impromptu Dance Party!Impromptu Dance Party

Yep, we all have dance parties, but when we are outside and my kids seem like they are starting to get into trouble (throwing rocks at the neighbors house or teasing the dog) I scream out that it’s dance party time! Turn on some kid friendly tunes (I can’t get enough of the Piano Man and Steve Songs for toddlers) and let loose. Freeze dance and follow the leader dance are fun and also teach the kiddos to listen and follow directions too!

Inflatable Jump House

Little Tikes Jr Jump N SlideOk, seriously. What child doesn’t LOVE getting into the jump house at a birthday party? How tired and happy are your kids after a jump house birthday party? The only reason they aren’t happy is that they can’t stay. We love this Little Tikes Jr Jump ‘n Slide because it’s an affordable way to have a party any day right in your own backyard! We take it out of it’s carrying case and turn it on, and the kids jump for hours! It’s super durable and easy to use and clean, so no worries about crazy kids or messes. This is probably the favorite toy in our house among our boys and all their friends. A great purchase that will be loved for years!

Playground Obstacle CoursePlayground Obstacle Course

Don’t just let the kids free play at the park…make it into an obstacle course! Depending on their age and understanding, give them a few steps they need to follow around the playground! Climb up the stairs, then go across the monkey bars, then come down the slide! Make it more complex for the older kids, and watch them delight in getting through the course. We change it up a few times each visit, making our playground time a great energy burner for all the kids!

No matter how you spend your outdoor time, enjoy it! Take full advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and let your kids burn off that energy before the winter cold starts to set in, making it harder to get out.

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