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I believe teaching your child to be silly and enjoy laughter is important, so we’ll be celebrating April Fool’s Day with our kids every year—it’s a tradition in my family. So with April 1 right around the corner, it’s time to start planning a little good-natured mischief!

If you’re looking for a few fun and harmless pranks on this special day, here are a few fun ideas! Just be sure to instruct your kids to keep the pranks at home and that mean pranks are never funny!

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Prank Ideas for Kids:

Spoiled Milk— Use green food coloring and place it in the bottom of everyone’s milk glasses at breakfast.  When the milk is poured, watch as everyone’s milk changes color!

Salt Swap—Take a saltshaker and swap the salt for sugar. See how long it takes for everyone to catch on that they’re eating sugar instead of salt.

Kitchen Shower—Place a rubber band around the kitchen spray hose and the next person to turn on the kitchen faucet will be in for a surprise shower.

Trouble in School—Tell mom and dad you got in trouble in school and the teacher wants to schedule a conference. Be sure to have a serious face!

Prank Ideas for Parents:

Too-Small Shoes—Bunch up toilet paper in the toes of your children’s shoes and watch as they struggle to fit in their shoes.

Swap-a-Roo Beds— Switch your sleeping babies’ and put them in their brother or sister’s bed.  They will wake up in a whole new room and wonder what happened!

Cereal Surprise—Switch the cereals in the cereal boxes and watch your kids’ confused expressions as they pour out the wrong cereal.

Egg Dye shower—Unscrew the shower head and place an Easter egg dye tablet in the shower head and they will be surprised by a colorful shower!

Finish off your April Fool’s Day with a joke-themed dinner. Go around the table and tell your favorite knock-knock jokes or any jokes that make your kids smile. You’ll have a table full of giggling and happy children and a new family tradition they’ll look forward to every year!