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Netflix has been winning with it’s family friendly original content lately, but they are really hitting it out of the park with Fuller House, premiering February 26th. This reboot, over 20 years after the original Full House series wrapped will be a gem for those of us who have grown up watching full House and perfect to introduce our children to the Tanner family we love so much!Simply Real Moms at Fuller House

I had the honor of screening some episodes with the cast and I am here to say it is so perfectly put together! A wonderful mix of nostalgia and modern comedy is rounded out by the feel good moments we all love from Full House. The jokes are fresh and goofy, the story line familiar but updated.

The first episode re-introduces you to the Tanner clan and gives you info on what each has been up to the last 20 years. DJ Tanner is a widowed mother of three boys and moves back home to take care of them. Once Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler see how overwhelmed DJ is, they drop everything to move in and help out (seem familiar?).  The entire cast are all back for Fuller House except Michelle (Mary Kat & Ashley Olsen) but don’t worry-they DO touch on why Michelle isn’t there and you don’t want to miss that moment! The entire theater was roaring with laughter when they explained Michelle’s absence.

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Don’t give up after the first episode if it feels too cheesy for you. It felt very sappy and overdone in my opinion, but the second episode we watched was wonderful. I think in that first episode that they really wanted to bring the different character’s story lines and open up the show’s direction and they do a great job of explaining everything and giving us Full House junkies some nods to the original series. The thick layer of sappiness feels kind of necessary to explain the storyline but doesn’t seem to continue past the first episode.

The newest members of the Fuller House cast are the new kids. DJ and Kimmy’s kids are some of the main characters on the show and are scene stealers for sure! Keep an eye out for Max Fuller, DJ’s middle guy. He is witty and adorable with perfect timing and his lines had me laughing so hard. He was cast so perfectly for this part and I look forward to watching him on the show!

Fuller House is going to be perfect for families to watch together. It has all the same family values of Full House (although a little more “adult” story lines than I remember from the original show) with jokes and stories your kids will love. Nostalgia runs thick on the show, so if you are a Full House fan you will NOT be disappointed.

Don’t miss out on Fuller House, premiering February 26th 2016!