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Now that the New Year is here, it is time to throw away the cookies and find some healthy snacks to munch on when cravings hit. I LOVE these frozen yogurt berries; they are so simple and easy to make but SO delicious! You literally only need a healthy yogurt and your favorite fresh fruits.

We like to use blueberries, strawberries and bananas. This is a great way to use fruit up before it turns bad—I can never seem to use all of my bananas and this is a great way to put them to good use before they expire.

My toddler also loves to help me make these—as you can see, he has a ball!

However, sometimes he forgets about the task at hand and eats all of the yogurt…..

This recipe couldn’t be any easier—all you need is fruit and yogurt.

Now, for the strenuous instructions:

Step 1. Dunk your fruit in yogurt and make sure it is completely covered.

Step 2. Set yogurt covered fruit on the cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Step 3. Try not to let toddler eat all of fruit before it is actually frozen …

Step 4. Freeze and store in Ziploc bags for when those cravings hit!