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Like most homes with small children, we got hit hard with the Frozen bug this past year.  Naturally, when I asked my daughter what kind of party she wanted to have for her fourth birthday, she adamantly insisted on… you guessed it, Frozen.  In Elsa, we trust.

Birthdays have always been a big deal for me.  My mom always made them a big deal, and since having kids, I have too.  Not only do I love party planning, but their birthdays are the most important days of my life, and I want them to know that.  So every year, they get a special day on their actual birthday, and then they get a party on another day.  The party, and a small family trip, are usually their only gift from us.

I started with the invitations (like, three months in advance, because I’m crazy.) Here is the “frosty” font that I used.  I cut these out and put them on some sparkly card stock with some 3d snowflakes on top, and they were super adorable! frozeninvites

Then I started gradually making and accruing decorations.  I end up with giant boxes of party stuff by the time these things roll around.  I made the banner using that same font printed on card stock, then cut them out, hole punched, and threaded ribbon through.  We got the decals and the pens from Zulily, but I’ve seen the decals at Joann Fabrics, Walmart, etc.  Lucky for you, Frozen gear is not sold out EVERYWHERE anymore.  That was fun.  Also – non Frozen related – that little animal train up front is from Precious Moments.  I’m not usually big on that type of thing, but we get her one for her birthday ever year and I think it’s adorable! And in front of that? You can’t tell, but they’re white chocolate Han Solos frozen in carbonite.  Just a fun little touch that the grown ups appreciated.  You can find the mold here.20140810_0001

I always have a central table that has photos and treats on it.  And, being a photographer, there are dozens of photos strung up and hung up everywhere else, too.  Because #freethepixels.  I order all of my prints, both personal and professional, from Nation’s Photo Lab.  They’re pretty awesome.  I also make a book for each of my girls each year full of photos, events, and milestones from that year.  I make those at Shutterfly, because I usually have a coupon for a free one.20140810_0002

Mmmmmm cupcakes.  Any excuse for cupcakes is fine by me.  Of course we had chocolate.  We also had carrot cupcakes that we dubbed “reindeer food.”  But they all had the super fancy snowflakes on top.  Which, once I had the consistency of the chocolate right, were fairly simple.  I printed a few sheets of snowflakes that were the size I wanted, taped them underneath some wax paper, and used a piping bag to make the snowflakes with melted white chocolate.  Oh, and I did all of this on a cookie sheet so that they were mobile.  Because I’m pretty sure I didn’t move them until I needed them.

These pretty little balloon wands came from Party City, I believe.  And the blowers and treat bags came from Oriental Trading Co.
20140810_0009 20140810_0010

And here’s where the making stuff became a pain in the butt.  The banner wasn’t so bad.  I just cut, pinned, and sewed.  (Yes, we even had Olaf on the fridge.  Still do, actually) But the wreath and the hanging snowflakes were a bit more tedious.  The wreath is a whole bunch of coffee filters.  They got soaked in some blue water and laid out to dry (you need a lot of space for this part). Then I bunched them up from their centers and hot glued them onto a dollar store pool noodle (I use those things for everything). The hanging snowflakes are just white pom poms and fishing line, and then snowflakes that I cut out of a glittery patterned card stock.  (The tedious part.  And there are two on each one, back to back).  And that adorable little chandelier?  I found it on clearance at Michaels.  Score! 20140810_0012 20140810_0013

Ahhh!  One of my favorite parts!  Pin the nose on Olaf!  I’m sure there are a million easier ways to do this, and I could have printed one out much more easily, but that guy is hand-painted by yours truly.  It was a proud moment.  I printed out some noses, and the kids had a blast!  We also played musical chairs to Disney songs.

This guy is also from Oriental Trading: 20140810_0020

And these are also hand painted (don’t hate me): 20140810_0021

But the lanterns came from the dollar store!  And they light up!

And here’s the birthday girl.  I got her dress for a great deal on Etsy, and she still loves it and has never complained that it’s not an exact replica.  It came super fast after one from a different seller fell through.  One of the buttons was broken when we got it, and the seller sent out a new one right away!  It was August, so I wanted something sleeveless, and the cape is removable. The masks are also from Etsy.  They’re fairly creepy, but the kids loved them.  I printed them on card stock, cut them out, glued them to foam sheets, cut them out again, and then attached elastic.  20140810_0030

So there you have it.  An insight into my girl’s Frozen fourth birthday party.  It was a lot of work, but a ton of fun.  And she made sure to thank me for “the best birthday ever.”  So it was worth it.