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Growing up my family and I took road trips everywhere. While flying can be quicker and more convenient, the memories you make while on a road trip are the ones that you look back to when you are older and make you smile.

I have been looking forward to the day when I could take my children on a road trip and just recently I embarked on a 13+ hour road trip with my kids. Some people may think I’m crazy for wanting to take kids on that long of a drive, but with the right vehicle, right tunes and the right amount of stops it can actually be enjoyable for everyone.

For our adventure we had the 2015 Chrysler Town & Country Limited and let me just say… we definitely had the right vehicle. Not only did this minivan make the entire trip more enjoyable for us but it really adapted well to the roads we were on. From city to mountains, to the open country roads, the Chrysler Town & County really held its own.

Chrysler Town & Country

I tend to be known for the fact that I over pack no matter where we are going. So you could expect nothing less for a road trip with four people, especially since we were gone for an entire week. Luckily for me (and my husband’s sanity) we had an incredible amount of space inside the Town & Country. We filled the cargo area with 4 suitcases, 2 kid suitcases full of toys, 2 scooters plus helmets, a balance bike, a pool noodle, an ice chest, 3 bags of miscellaneous items like shoes and coats, 2 backpacks, and an extra car seat (for my sister-in-law to borrow at our destination). In a regular sized vehicle we wouldn’t have been able to even see out the back window, but sure enough the Town & Country fit all our items in the back thanks to the Stow ‘n Go seating and storage, which has the 3rd row seats fold completely into the floor of the minivan. I wish I had taken a photo but during the rush of trying to get on the road quickly I simply forgot.


We really appreciated the captain chairs inside the Town & Country as we were able to put a mini ice chest in between the kids for quick access to drinks and snacks and (as you can see) were able to put the blankets for when they wanted to take a nap.

kids road trip

In fact, the space inside the Town & Country was quite brag worthy, which includes plenty of storage spots— a mom must-have.


With seating for 7, passengers aren’t short of leg space and installing car seats are a breeze. Like mentioned above, if you need more space the Chrysler Town & Country Limited also has a Stow ‘n Go feature where the second and -third row seats fold into storage bins in the floor for added versatility. The third-row seat can also be flipped over to face rearward for tailgating.


Both my husband and I were impressed with the driver and front passenger storage. Not only does the center console offer more storage spaces than most vehicles I have ever driven, but Chrysler also placed a storage spot under the center console as well as on the dash in front of the front passenger, which has a USB outlet inside.


Back passengers can enjoy a fairly large storage bin, which slides in and out, that is connected to the rear cup holders. We personally used it as a toy box during our drive.


If you are worried about keeping the kids entertained,  you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained. We were able to charge my oldest son’s Nintendo 3DS during our drive on the power outlet in between the second and third row, and could have even plugged in their Xbox to the minivan thanks to the AUX 2 inputs.


The Town & Country also came equipped with Dual-Screen Blu-ray TV monitors.


This is an awesome features in the minivan as it lets passengers view two separate DVD movies or mix and match media with the second- and third-row screens and headphones. Which means, had we brought that xBox, one kid could be playing on one screen while the other watches a movie or listens to music. It’s a win-win for everybody!



With driving the long distance that we drove, the navigation technology was impressive to say the least. The Town & Country Limited came equipped with Travel Link. UConnect partnered with Garmin to bring the available Uconnect 430N System which features a user-friendly navigation system with touchscreen menus, 3-D graphics and SiriusXM.


My husband and I were able to add our road trip to navigation, create a car to show us where we were on the map, track our entire trip, and even see our elevation, which was pretty cool since we were in Park City, Utah where the elevation gets over 9,000 ft.


As you can see the 2015 Town & Country made for the perfect road trip vehicle for our family. Everything from the spaciousness, technology, safety and comfort really made the long drive a lot more enjoyable for everyone. It’s actually one of the only minivans I’ve considered purchasing, which says a lot.

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