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Stop it right now…. Holiday cookie cards? Yes, this is really a thing!

Holiday Cookie Card

Think about it, December 26th roll around. What do you do with all those Christmas cards you received? You probably toss them in recycling or use them as kindling in your fireplace…even though it’s electric. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

While it’s fun to receive Christmas cards  to A) to make fun of the tacky picture, B) to be jealous of the perfect family or C) to be reminded that you now have to send them a card even though it’s the day before Xmas, let’s be realistic…what are you honestly going to do with the cards after the holiday’s are over?

Sweeten the Christmas season and send a sweet gesture with these sweet…PICTURE PERFECT HOLIDAY COOKIE CARDS!

Cookie Cards

Head over to to view pricing and to order these amazingly ‘sweet’ Holiday cards!