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Foxmore & Juliette

I love to put my boys in all matching swim suits when we go to the pool or the beach. Not only is it super adorable, I can easily spot them all at any given moment. My husband thought I was crazy until we went to the pool on a chaotic and very busy day. It was then that he completely agreed that maybe matching suits is a good idea for not just looks but safety. (He actually said “You were right”, and I milked it.)

When we heard about Foxmore & Juliette earlier this week, we knew we HAD to share this mom-owned business with you all! These custom made family swim suits are so adorable and exactly what this mama wants! If I had a daughter, finding swimming suits to coordinate with girls and boys would just not be possible in retail stores. Foxmore & Juliette offers suits for everyone in the family that can ALL coordinate!

Mother & Daughter matching swimsuitsThe mother & daughter sets are downright scrumptious. How much fun would it be for your young daughter to be able to look just like mom?!  There are so many colors and styles available on the site, and they offer completely custom suits too! Father & Son Matching Bathing Suits

This father & son set is trendy and fun, and they’re suits my husband would actually wear! They also offer mother & son sets for the boymoms like me out there!

Check out Foxmore & Juliette today and look great at the beach this summer!