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What a fun and easy way to dress up a plain ol’ sugar cone. Download and print these FREE  wrappers and try them out at your next summer gathering. I just love these! Thank you Alice & Lois for sharing.

BELLA Ice Cream Maker


I visited a friends house last week and they were using this BELLA 1L Ice Cream Maker and it is awesome! We had homemade ice cream within 30 minutes. I also noticed BELLA makes a ton of different products I am just dying to try!

Custom Evergreen Fashion Doormat 


I found this awesome doormat at Nordstrom’s but it was $50, too much for my budget. Luckily Amazon has it for $21.58!

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair


I’m totally swooning over Boon’s Flair Pedestal Highchair. You know something is pretty amazing when you want to have another child just to try it out, that’s kind of how I feel about this highchair. Even more, its on sale right now over at Amazon, it’s been on sale since Amazon’s Prime sale but i’m not sure for how long so if you are in need of a high chair make sure you pick up this bad boy! 





So in love with these gorgeous fabric toy sacks from TELLKIDDO. What I really like is how simple they are but can add to a child’s room in so many ways. These are great!

Star Wars R2D2 On Patrol 16″ Backpack With Sound And Lights


When we visited Target earlier in the week, (totally a norm for us) we found a R2D2 light up lunch bag, pretty awesome. Well, looking online it looks like Target also has a matching Backpack that lights up…Wait for it…..AND its buy one get one half off! Yes! I knew there was a reason we waited to buy this! If you have a Target Red card you also get the free shipping. Awesome!

The iSwimband Solution


So, I have not tried the iSwimband Solution so this is not a review, but something that looked pretty great to share. With iSwimband’s life-saving technology you can watch your kids with peace of mind. Once activated and paired with our free app, iSwimband sends an alert to your smartphone if a swimmer is submerged for too long.While I’m not sure I could leave my child with just this on, it is a pretty great helpful tool and worth checking out.

My Buddy Tag



If you visit amusement parks often or crowded places with your children, the Buddy Tag maybe worth checking out. It was invented by a parent that was separated from their child during an outing at an amusement park. Buddy Tag App allows you to keep track and find children in large crowds (e.g. theme parks). Pretty neat!