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This week’s Friday Find has kind of an embarassing story to go along with it but it ends well so bear with me.

We post a lot of memes on our facebook page and while we try very hard to fund the source of each one we post, it’s just not possible for all of them. I had seen this image floating around the internet for a few days and finally decided to share it with our readers because…well…it spoke to me.

Trendy Pear HairdoThere was no watermark, identifying feature and even a quick (too quick) Google search just showed me other similar images but I didn’t find the source. And I shared it anyway.

It was a hit with you all as well! Tons of our followers commented about their love for this image and how it was “SOOOOO TRUE!!!”.

And then a few days later I got an email from Facebook that I had violated copyright laws and that one of my posts was taken down. It was this image. Someone had let facebook know that this was their art and we used it without permission. I felt like a jerk. I know full well what it feels like to have someone use your work and not credit you and yet I still did it.

I reached out to the artistand apologized profusely and we have settled the matter, but I got very excited when I found out that this woman sells this image on..get this…T SHIRTS! I asked her if she would be ok with us featuring her products on Simply Real Moms (with proper credit!) and she said of course!

The Trendy Pear is a small shop started a year ago based out of Idaho and she has the most adorable tees for moms and kiddos alike.

The Mom Hairdo shirt looks amazing, of course:Trendy Pear Mom Hairdo ShirtBut even better, there’s a little girl’s shirt that goes with it:Trendy Pear Daddy Did It ShirtIt almost makes me wish I wasn’t a #Boymom, but it’ll make a good gift for my friends with girls!

Her kid tees are so trendy and fun and really are everything I look for in graphic tees for my kids-they’re unique!



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So while this all started with an embarassing story, I am SO glad it happened because I adore The Trendy Pear’s modern look and fun tees! Check out all of the fun products The Trendy Pear offers: