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I am really excited to share today’s find with you! We love to promote other moms who work hard to provide for their family and we love it even more when their business helps other parents with a service we all might just need.

Today’s find is School Worx.

School Worx takes the guilt out of throwing away all of that messy art work your child brings home because when you send it all to them, they turn it into a gorgeous mess free memory!Custom cover school art photo book

It all started because Andrea, the founder just couldn’t bear to throw away the art her children took the time to make until one came home covered in glued-on Rice Krispies and she knew there had to be a better way to save all these precious pieces her children brought home. 

They say necessity is the mother of invention and Andrea had a need that so many of us parents share-and she came up with the perfect solution!School Worx turns your child's school art into a gorgeous book!

Much like an annual school yearbook, you can condense the art your child makes each school year into a memory book of that year. You pack all of the art you want included in your book in the provided box and ship it to School Worx with the provided shipping label. Send your child's art to School WorxThey work the magic and send back a whole new kind of art with a custom cover that will make your child feel like a rockstar!

This is unlike the do-it-yourself photobook sites already out there-School Worx will fix and restore art that has been ripped, School Worx fixes your child's art and make a book of itfaded or even missing pieces to make sure that your child’s art looks it’s best.Amazing restoration of your child's school art

It does run a little on the pricey side but when you look at all they’re doing AND the space saving (GUILT FREE) convenience, it’s a pretty great deal! Plus, no more needing to explain to your little one’s why their precious works of art.

You can find School Worx: