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I wasn’t always great about skin care. In fact, I did little to nothing to care for my skin before I turned 30. Then the wrinkles started to show up and I realized that my skin was aging and needed to be taken care of. I use cleansers, moisturizers and the occasional microdermabrasion to keep my skin fresh and clean. I honestly thought nothing of the products I was using though because they SAID they worked and I liked them.

Then a friend reached out to me about a business she had just invested in that was unlike any other skin care I’ve seen on the market! It’s free of harmful chemicals. And it WORKS.

Beautycounter LogoMy friend reached out to me about Beautycounter. This friend wasn’t trying to make a sale, she wasn’t trying to push product on me, she was reaching out to tell my why she joined Beautycounter.

She shocked me when she told me that beauty companies are allowed to use harmful chemicals in their products and make their own decisions about what is safe! That’s because the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. Beautycounter makes products that are safe and free of chemicals because they want safe products to be available to everyone.

“I hope that one day my daughter will be able to walk into a store and pick up make up or skin care without having to worry about what’s in it.” she said. Until then, there’s Beautycounter!

I was intrigued and she sent me some products to try out myself.Beautycounter Chemical Free Skin Care

We were VERY excited to try out the Protect All Over Sunscreen and the Protect Stick Sunscreen stick! Our family is out in the sun daily at the pool, in the backyard and on walks around the neighborhood so we use sunscreen often. If I’m using it several times a day, I want to use a sunscreen that is safe for me and for my kids. The sunscreen is SPF 30 and water resistant and blends in easily. I did notice that it was slightly greasy on my skin for a few minutes after but that eventually absorbed into my skin.Beautycounter's Sunscreen Stick

The Protect Stick Sunscreen for the face is my kids’ favorite! We can quickly and easily apply sunscreen to their faces without tears and worry that I’ll get it in their eyes.

Beautycounter Charcoal BarThe Charcoal Cleansing Bar has been wonderful for my face and body! Charcoal detoxifies and absorbs the bad stuff in your skin without drying it out…AND this charcoal isn’t a painful mask you have to peel off! I use it in the shower all over and love the fresh scent.

The Protect Lip Balm keeps my lips hydrated and protects them from the sun all at the same time. I keep it in my diaper bag and use it several times per day!Beautycounter Rejuvenating Serum

Lastly I’m going to talk about the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum. This was the product that my friend said was her favorite and I’m going to side with her on this. After cleansing my face with the Charcoal Bar but before using my moisturizer each day and night I apply a small amount of the serum all over my face. It is meant to even your skin tone and reduce your wrinkles while hydrating, and my skin feels amazing after each use. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and love the results so far but they say that full results will be seen after 8 weeks. I’ve taken “before” photos and will take “after” photos in a few weeks to see the results.

Overall, I am so impressed with Beautycounter products. I love what they are doing for the skin care and makeup industry and that they offer safe products for everyday use. I hope that their mission inspires other companies to follow their lead and that one day our children won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in their beauty products.

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I received product for review purposes but all opinions are my own.