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Happy 2013! It’s a new year and you’re probably headed to the gym more often, cooking healthier meals and keeping your house squeaky clean. What about you? Do you look in the mirror and sigh when you see the same sweater you’ve been wearing since September. Are you getting bored with dark colors?

Blast the winter blahs away with a mini style makeover that will not break your budget. Here are 10 tips to keep your look fresh until spring finally arrives!

  1. Wear brights: Go to your closet and remove the earth tones you’ve been wearing all fall and store them away for next year. Slip on sweaters (or even skinny corduroys) in hot pink, red, royal blue and emerald green for a month or two and see how much better you feel about facing another gray, gloomy day. Don’t have a lot of brights in your wardrobe? Check out some fairly inexpensive options here, here and here.
  2. Introduce your spring pastels early: That frilly, flowery blouse you love and pale yellow skirt you adore CAN be worn in the winter months! Mix and match spring items with your winter things. Pull a cardigan over a light-weight blouse or wear opaque tights with summery skirts. Pair yellow with charcoal gray and bright aqua with chocolate brown. The pop of color will go a long way to change up your winter wardrobe.
  3. Clean out your closet: Pull out all the items you haven’t worn all fall or winter and give them to Goodwill. If you don’t feel good in a piece of clothing, you’re not going to wear it. So why keep it? Once your wardrobe is pared down, you’ll know what you have to work with and mixing and matching will be more fun.
  4. Clean out your make-up drawer: See above. But with make-up, just throw out the old stuff. Ditto with the stuff you don’t wear. Then clean all your make-up brushes and create a storage system that will make your make-up routine easy!
  5. Buy a new lipstick: Now that you’ve tossed those nasty old lipsticks, it’s time for something new. And no, you cannot go out and buy another shade of mauve or nude! Get yourself to a department store make-up counter and have a professional give you a consult to determine a bright shade that is flattering AND wearable for every day. Check out Mac’s Perpetual Flame in Longwear Lip Créme or Bobbi Brown’s Slopes Lip Color.
  6. Accessorize! Don’t have it in the budget to buy a few new bright pieces for your closet? Splurge on some scarves, purses or belts instead. These small accessories will go a long way to pull your outfit together and freshen up your look. Check out some fun options here, here and here
  7. Get bold with shoes: Bright flats are everywhere! Wear patent leather flats in a bold red with your skinny jeans and gray sweater to completely change your look.
  8. Banish black: I know. I really do. Black is so easy and always flattering. But so are other colors! If you rarely dabble in anything outside the gray spectrum, get yourself to a department store and speak to a style consultant about what colors look good on you. A few shades that are universally flattering and not too bold include eggplant and deep teal.
  9. Shop coat sales: If you’re in a cold climate and nobody every sees anything but your coat, now is the time to shop! Sales abound on winter coats in January and February. Look here and here for a couple that will turn heads.
  10. Brighten up with baubles: If you really just can’t let go of your favorite browns, blacks and grays, add a funky necklace or big earrings to liven things up. This necklace or these earrings will both jazz up your look.