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My son has only recently begun to creatively play pretend, and we love to play in all different scenarios! His new favorite? Dinnertime!

While he may fight meals in real life, his imaginary life is full of many different amazing meals that he not only finishes, he licks the plate!

Thanks to the Fisher Price Servin’ Surprises Table, He now makes us all dinner, serves it and eats off of everyone’s plates. I have seen his imagination soar with this amazing little table, and I am pleased to share it with you all!

The Servin’ Surprises Table is an adorable play table that has an oven and cooktop attatched for a simple cook/serve play space! The neutral colors keep mama happy too (I have irrational issues with all the crazy colored kids toys in my living room). The table comes equipped with all you need to cook and serve a fun dinner: plates, utensils, cups, a serving tray, pizza tray and pizza slices (with reversible toppings!), a pizza cutter, cookies and a baking sheet, a skillet, and cooking utensils!

Both the serving tray and cook top are battery powered with sounds to make cooking just a little more fun! The cook top sizzles and boils, and even has a timer that also lights up the oven and dings when “DINNER’S READY!” as my son puts it.

The serving tray recognizes which food you have placed onto it and sings different songs about that food! All the kids love this feature! It’s pretty amazing to them when they place the baking sheet full of cookies on the tray and it sings about cookies! Or when the pizza plate is on there it sings cute songs about pizza. I love that it also sings songs about manners and cleaning up as well! Pretty fun!

My absolute favorite part about this table is hands down the storage! A toy with so many parts is usually something I tend to avoid, but I was pleased to see how this baby stores its pieces! The center of the table lifts up to reveal a storage container (GENIUS!)

that you can just swipe all the parts right in and cover it up! Even my two year old can clean it up in seconds!


Want to know something else that’s pretty amazing? You can use this table as an activity table (Or just hide all of the cooking elements when guests are over)! Simply slide the oven out and flip over the cook top to reveal a smooth surface, allowing a crafty play space perfect for drawing and play dough! You can also adjust the height, but my son is so tall we keep it at the tallest setting.

Watch how easy it is to go from Kitchen Table to Simple Activity Table!

We play with our Servin’ Surprises table all the time, and my son loves that when he makes pizza, he can make some for himself (pepperoni) and some for mom & dad (everything!) by choosing which topping side we would like.

The top of the pizza slices is removable, and one side is pepperoni, the other is an everything pizza! Such a cute idea. He likes to “cut” the pizza as well. Using the pizza wheel and the spatula to then serve it sure makes him feel like a big boy!


This amazing table is perfect for kids ages 2 and up, and it comes highly recommended from my almost 3 year old son!


*I was given a Servin Surprises Table for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.