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How I find Me TimeI used to hear moms talk about how precious their alone time was but honestly just didn’t get it. With only one son at the time who was easy going, a great sleeper and a joy all in all it never occurred to me that other moms might be so busy that they literally get no time to themselves other than grocery shopping and sometimes not even then.
And then I had a second…and then a third boy. And I realized that alone time was like that first bite of delicious hot pizza, or the smell of the beach, or the way it feels to get your legs rubbed during a pedicure…it is AMAZING.

Don’t get me wrong. I love each of my boys. Since having the second and third boy though I am also now working full time from home (with no daycare) and trying unsuccessfully to keep up with the laundry and mess that trails behind those boys. I am nonstop from sun up until way past the middle of the night. It’s chaotic. And while I wouldn’t change a thing, I relish in my “me time” without the kids or my husband.

Because sometimes I like to listen to gangster rap.

Sometimes I like to eat some ice cream without sharing.

Sometimes I want to work out without 4 sets of eyes on me.

And sometimes, I want to curl up and watch shows with bad words and crazy people. I mean, hello?! I sit through episodes of Sesame Street and Little Einsteins during the day, so once the kids are in bed I’m ready for Mommy’s shows!Finding Me Time As a Mom

I sneak away to my hammock corner in the backyard or I run myself a hot bubble bath and turn on Netflix on my phone or iPad. And there I can watch anything my heart desires while relaxing. No worries about anything at all, I am taking a break.Netflix Alone Time

It doesn’t happen often, only about once every other week or so but boy do I fully enjoy myself!  What do I choose to watch during these breaks? Nurse Jackie is one of my top choices. I love that show but it’s a Showtime show…enough said? Can’t catch up on that with my kids around so I do it during my “me time”. Jackie is amazing and that show seriously made me appreciate nurses so much more than I already did!Watching Nurse JackieLike everyone else on this planet, I am currently catching up on Orange Is The New Black. The latest season just came out last week and I LOVE this show! It’s so intriguing, funny, emotional and crazy all at the same time. Watching the evolution of the main character, Piper is my favorite part of this show. She really transforms throughout the series!Sneaking in some Netflix Time
I’m not an overly needy momma. When I need time alone, give me my hammock, some Netflix & some serious chill.

How do you make time for yourself?


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