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The California Coast is a destination not to be missed in your lifetime, and while it is beautiful and relaxing for adults, it is magical and fun filled for our children!

Nestled about 40 minutes south of San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is a must stop for a family friendly getaway! We spent three days there recently with our family, and enjoyed wonderful accommodations, dining and activities that I’m here to tell you all about! Today’s installment is all about family friendly activities that can be found in the Half Moon Bay area!

Our first day in Half Moon Bay, we had the pleasure of taking a drive down the iconic Pacific Coast Highway 1 a few miles to Pescadero to visit Harley Farms Goat Dairy. This restored Dairy farm dating back to 1910 was one of the highlights of our trip! We were given an amazing tour of the farm, explaining the history of the farm and the goats as well as the goat cheese making process.

Our tour took us all over the farm, including lots of face time with the goats!

My son was on cloud nine running through the field full of goats, stopping to say hello and pet each and every one.

We happened to visit when all of the goats were pregnant and about to have their kids (they have since started to have them and you can even check them out here!) so we were surrounded by swollen, very pregnant goats! We were then walked through the milking section,

and onto the cheese making room where we watched our tour guide construct a small wheel of goat cheese covered with edible flowers to make what they call their “Monet Cheese”.

At the end of our tour, we had the chance to taste that cheese, as well as all of the cheeses they make there at Harley Farms.

Even if you don’t have time for the tour, I would make a point to stop by their cheese shop to taste their different cheeses, from ricotta to feta and more! Our favorites were the different flavored Fromage Blancs. So creamy and delicious, perfect for spreading on some bread or crackers, and we took some home and enjoyed it on a bagel! So Good! (Their cheeses are all available online, as well.)

We also stopped by Lemos Farm!

This is a fun family stop that will please your little ones for sure! With Train Rides, Hay Rides, Pony Rides, and more, our day was packed with smiles. We started off with a ride on the train,

taking us around the farm and through a little mini town of funny characters. Once we got off, we went straight for the Pony Ride.

My son was a little worried about it, but the two of us walked around with his pony, and he seemed to be happy about it by the end. They also have Hay Rides, a must for every fall outing if you come by to pick out your pumpkin!

We loved the petting zoo, jump houses and the dig zone tractor, which lets your child actually operate a tractor to pick up rocks and move them! We loved every moment and the cowboys there on the farm were wonderful.


One of our favorite beach memories as a family was when we built bonfires on the beach in Oregon last summer. While there are no bonfires allowed on the beach in Half Moon Bay, we highly reccommend stopping by Sam’s Chowder House if you’re looking for some fireside family time!

On their deck, they have fire pits and comfortable seating just waiting for memories to be made. The view of the ocean and boats is spectacular, and you can even enjoy dinner or dessert out by the fire! Don’t forget to stop in the gift shop on your way into Sam’s and buy a s’mores kit, complete with all you need to complete your family night!

Of course, if you’re at the ocean, you don’t want to miss some beach time! If youre looking for a little more than your average beach trip, make sure to take your family to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Tidepools! Show up when the tides are low for an up close look at sealife of all kinds. We spotted Sea Anemone, Hermit Crabs, Muscles, Snails, and even some Seals!


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Half Moon Bay, California, a vibrant coastal town located approximately 40 minutes south of San Francisco, is an ideal place for families to plan a fun-filled getaway. In addition to a wide array of family-friendly accommodations and restaurants, there are plenty of entertaining and exciting hands-on activities including educational eco-hikes, hot glass classes, kayaking, horseback riding on the beach, surfing and spectacular theater productions. For more information on Half Moon Bay, visit, download Half Moon Bay’s app iCoastside or call (650) 726-8380.

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Thank you to Visit Half Moon Bay, Harley Farms Goat Dairy and Lemos Farm for hosting us, all opinions are my own.