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If you are anything like me, the weekend has rolled around, and once again, I find myself thinking—

“I really should have thought of something fun for us to do as a family this weekend. Oh well. There is always next weekend.”

This seems to be a regular pattern for me. Unless I consciously plan an activity such as going to a museum, zoo, or out of town on a trip, we just have a normal weekend full of normal dance classes, grocery shopping, laundry, activities. Which is fine. Really. But, once in awhile, it’s great to have Family Fun Fridays (or Saturdays)! They don’t have to be all the time and they don’t have to be elaborate to make a lasting impression on your child’s life. However, I’m sure once you start doing them, your child will want more of them…and you might find yourself wanting more Family Fun Fridays as well.

Family Fun Fridays

Check out these fun activities to do together for Family Fun Fridays! Not all of them cost money, but some do. Take the ideas, twist them, turn them and make them your own! Make our Family Fun Fridays ideas fit your family. And add to our list by commenting and telling us what you and your family like to do for fun!

Family Fun Fridays!

  • Build a fort in the living room as a family. Each person in the family gets to pick out their favorite picture book to read in the fort.
  • Put on pajamas, your favorite music and have a dance party!
  • Have a movie night at home. My daughter loves to make the movie tickets for movie night. We get out blankets, pop our own popcorn and have to present our tickets at movie time. It’s even more fun if you have a movie rental place in town and you can rent a movie your kids haven’t seen before!
  • Cook dinner as a family. This works best if you start planning earlier in the week. Have your child pick out a recipe they would like to help cook. Go grocery shopping together and then cook the meal together. It’s really fun to eat the meal by candlelight to make it seem extra special for Family Fun Fridays!
  • Flashlight tag! Inside or outside—flashlight tag is always a hit as children get older.
  • Take out your phone camera-or real camera- dress up in fun or goofy outfits and take each other’s photos. Seriously-your kids will LOVE taking your picture with pretend jewelry on and a bow tie! This easily leads into dress up and pretend play as well.
  • Have a game night. I know, I know…you are all thinking of traditional board games like Monopoly and Clue. But there are SO many games out there for children of all ages! Just go look at games at any store and you will see great games to try such as Apples to Apples (with various Jr levels for all ages), Sequence (and Sequence for Kids), and so many more great games that will open up a whole new world to your family for some real fun on game night.
  • Have a campfire and make s’mores. If you can’t make a campfire outside, you can sit around inside, telling camp stories and making some of our No Melt S’Mores.
    Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.15.05 PM
  • Lay a blanket out and go star gazing.
  • Crack open some glow sticks and turn off all the lights in the house. Then, draw pictures and have everyone else guess what you are drawing!

Have more ideas to add? Leave them in the comments!