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During the week cereal is a must in our house. It’s quick, easy, and enjoyable. When picking out a cereal to get, my kids and I tend to disagree. They want something that looks fun and I want something that’s not loaded with sugar. I remember as a child I would sit at the table, eat my cereal and read the back of the cereal box, so I understand the importance of a fun box for my children. When I learned that Kix introduced new story boxes available exclusively at Target I knew this would be the answer to our cereal dilemma. KIX The Kix story boxes come in two flavors: Regular and Berry Berry. Each flavor offering a different themed story with pop out pieces your kids can build and play with. IMG_0044 Think of this. Kid’s are incredibly creative. Hand them a plain box and watch their creativity come to life. To them that box becomes a hundred different things using their imagination. That’s basically what Kix did. They took a basic cereal box and turned it into a world of adventure by allowing children to create characters from their Kix box pieces. E My children had so much fun building a giraffe, jungle race car, and playing with their pop out monkey. While they were building their giraffe and jungle car it allowed me to really appreciate how incredible a child’s imagination is. Not only that, the kids worked together, as a team, to put their creations together. It taught them teamwork, while also having fun. Accomplishing something is a huge deal for children. After they played around with the pop out pieces my youngest son took an attachment to the pop out monkey from the box. He took it all around the house and introduced it to all his toys. Something that was truly priceless for me to watch. A Because Kix knows the importance of imagination and creativity, they took it one step further and created Kix Adventures which you can access from your desktop, mobile or tablet. With Kix Adventures, their story box characters come to life virtually. There are three adventures children can choose from and from there, three stories. We of course chose The Adventures of Rocky The Monkey. IMG_0052 The story was great and the animation is completely adorable. My children had so much fun being able to use their pop out piece for the story. Next time you’re on the hunt for cereal for your family, head to Target and pick up one of the new Kix Story Boxes. Where will your children like to take their characters?