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10 years ago, I was newly engaged and planning my dream wedding with my fiancé. The only worries I had were whether we would cater our reception or cook food ourselves and how many bridesmaids were socially acceptable for one wedding (I chose 11…).

A mere 3 months before my big day, I started having severe stomach pains that would leave me screaming on the floor. I had been having stomach pains on and off since I was about 15 and had always been told that I had an iron deficiency, it was just something I had to live with. But the pains I was having right before my wedding were excruciating. After many doctor visits and tests, we found out that my gall bladder was filled with gall stones and was shredded to pieces. Off I went for emergency surgery only mere weeks before I was getting married.

Once my gall bladder was removed my life was changed. I no longer suffered from the stomach pains I had been dealing with for almost 10 years, but there were other side effects I was still dealing with. Certain foods seemed to bother me more than others and I’ve just always “dealt” with it but all of this led me to wonder if some of these problems lie in a food sensitivity of some sort. My problems can’t all be gall bladder related, right?

Imagine my excitement to find out that I could test at home for  96 foods including gluten, dairy, wheat, and yeast- all things I was curious about.

Everlywell is just that! They offer many different at-home tests for anything from metabolism to fertility, thyroid and even DHA in your breastmilk! Amazing!

I ordered my Food Sensitivity Test and it was shipped right to my home for me to do in my own time-no doctor’s appointments or lab time necessary.Everlywell at home lab testing

I followed the directions of the test, pricked my finger and dropped 5 drops of blood onto the collection card.

Everlywell in home lab testing
Once I let the collection card dry, I placed it into the labeled bag, back into the included shipping box and envelope and added the return shipping label (no extra cost!).At Home Lab Testing with Everlywell

I placed my kit into the mailbox and it was picked up and shipped back to the labs for testing.

The kit, collection card, bag and return envelope are all labeled with your custom lab number, which you register on Everlywell’s site and can track throughout the entire process!

Once your lab results are in, you are able to access them online on your own. The results are very easy to understand and include detailed explanations of each marker on your test as well as customized suggestions and recommendations based on your results.Everlywell test results

I’m looking forward to using the results from my food sensitivity test to feel better and and be better. I was young and had no children when I started dealing with my issues and now that I’m a mom, things like digestion issues, headaches and tiredness effect my kids as much as they effect me. Being able to address my sensitivities with my customized recommendations means I can hopefully take on these problems easily-and without ever having to step into a lab OR try and decipher what the results mean.

You can find your own Everywell tests:

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