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Welcome to Emily’s Faves, a series that highlights some of Emily’s absolute must-haves and hands down favorite items. After 10 years of nannying and now three kids of her own and countless reviews, she knows what she loves and she’ll share what they are and WHY she loves them!

Emily's Faves Best Baby Teethers

Today we’re talking teethers because teething can be a nightmare, and parents want to know which teethers are really worth the money. Never fear, Emily is here!

Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe
I know this girl is a popular item on every must have list, but there’s good reason for that: it’s simply the best. It’s the same design used since 1961 when they were first made because if you’ve got a good thing, you don’t change it. Made to cater to all of baby’s senses, Sophie not only looks adorable-she really does help soothe achey gums and is super fun to play with!

 Tomo ComoTomo Como Teether

This simple teether is one of my top favorites because of it’s modern simplicity! It is easy for baby to hold, and each of the “legs” has bumps or ridges on it to give baby some relief. It’s made of silicone, so it’s bendable and simple to chew for baby.

Chewbeads MLB Set MLB Teething Set

For the baseball loving mama, these sets are available for most of the more popular MLB teams (although we are a little bummed that Jasmine’s favorite Oakland A’s aren’t offered in the Logo Teether!). Choose two items from necklaces, silicone logos or pacifier clips, all chewable and safe for baby!

Appeteethers AppeTeethers

My boys love their AppeTeether Ribs, and so does everyone we meet! These are hilariously funny and available in so many fun designs like broccoli, pineapple and even lollipops! These are super fun to give as gifts, and my kids LOVE chewing on the soft shapes too.

Bannor Toys State Shapes   Bannor Toys State Shaped Teethers

I mean. Can you even stand how awesome these are?! Available in all 50 states with your choice of colored disks, you can also personalize these with baby’s name, birth date or even a fun nickname! These are absolutely the teethers for the modern baby and we adore them (as well as all the teethers Bannor makes!).

Infantino Vibrating TeethersInfantino Vibrating Teethers

We have both of these teethers because we keep one in the toybox and one in the diaper bag. When baby bites down on the teether, it lightly vibrates their sore gums and I haven’t met a baby who didn’t love these yet.

Land of Nod Tooth Teether   Land of Nod Tooth Teether

The irony of this adorable teether from Land of Nod is not lost on us! How funny is it to have baby cutting their first teeth on a giant wooden tooth?! Love this, and just like every other item from Land of Nod it is a quality product but unlike most LON products, it’s not on the higher priced side!

Chicken & Charlie Wooden Teething Ring   Chicken & Charlie Wooden Teether

I am in love with this Etsy shop, and their teethers are available in so many fun designs! The easy to grasp wooden ring is smooth and soft, and the fabric is backed by absorbent terry cloth (which I greatly appreciate with my VERY drooly little guy!).

Manhattan Toy Winkel   Manhattan Toys Winkel

This is a top toy for infants on so many lists, and a friend bought it for us when my second son was born. Wow, do I ever love this! Multiple rings make it easy for baby to hold and chew no matter how well they can manipulate their hands. It has a slight rattle sound which is fun for baby, but really my boys just loved how easy this was to hold and chew!

Bumkins Batman  & Wonder WomanSuperhero Teethers

Super heroes never go out of style, and I love the Batman teether we were gifted so much! It’s cool and classic, and I love that they’re available in super WOMEN choices as well!

Zoli Baby Bunny Teether Zuli Bunny Teether

I was attracted to the modern sleek style of this teether, but I am forever in love with how much my son loves it! The “ears” on the bunny stick out so perfectly for easy gnawing action, long enough to get back to that molar area but not so long it will choke baby. Super cool and modern, but absolutely perfect execution on functionality.


Innobaby Teethers         Innobaby Teethers

I received the green Innobaby teether in a Citrus Lane box once and sing it’s praises all the time. It’s super bandy and soft, and the rattle in the top makes my son giggle with joy. There’s all kinds of ridges around the teether, and it’s perfectly sized for your little one’s hand.


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