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Unscripted beauty

I like structure. I like to plan ahead, know what to expect and have everything just right.

But let’s be real here. I’m a mom.

I’m a mom of three boys. Structure, planning and just right are three things that aren’t necessarily a part of our lives anymore. Sure, I try and sometimes I succeed in having things planned and structured, but I have had to learn to be flexible and go with the flow of life as it is now.

Gone are the days of the perfectly posed pictures I got when I had one child. Now, we take 1,500 shots to get one semi perfect picture to frame and send to the grandparents.Brothers perfectly posedI have realized that it’s the spur of the moment, unplanned pictures that I cherish and love the most now. It’s those moments in time that we don’t think are worth capturing at the moment, but when we look back on a photo of something like a midnight feedingMiddle of the Night Feedingwhen our child is grown, we will be glad that the photo was taken. Sure the crying baby waking me up in the middle of the night isn’t exactly a warm fuzzy moment at the time, but it’s a moment you can’t re-create later and it’s so special. I look back and LOVE the pictures I snapped of me and my babies each in the middle of the night. It’s just me and them, not needing to share each other with anyone else and it’s perfection. Unplanned. Wonderful.

Capturing the messiness of a toddler’s peanut butter and jelly addiction

Unscripted Lunchtime

Capturing your children playing dress upPlaying Dress Up with Boysand at the park when big brother grabs little brother’s hand to walk him to the slides, I rush to grab a photo of that moment. I will need that picture when they’re teenagers and hate each other!No Buddy Like My BrotherAnd when I do try to pose my boys, I am sometimes surprised by the magic of a picture that isn’t necessarily perfect…but it’s precious and true to the nature of my kidsThree BrotherMy most favorite unscripted moment caught in a photo is the one below. Let me tell you a story about this picture (If you follow us on Instagram you may have already heard this story, but it’s worth hearing again!).Giving BirthWhen we had my third son, I knew he was our last baby. I toyed with the idea of bringing in a photographer to document the birth so that I could always remember it, but we ultimately decided against it. I honestly only wanted someone there because I wanted to catch the moment right after the baby came out because it is such a moment of ultimate relief, joy, pain, and overwhelming love all at the same time and I just wanted that moment. It was ok with me that we decided to just make it the two of us (my husband and I) in the delivery room for our last baby, and I forgot about the idea of a photographer.
After Charlie was born and we were home from the hospital, I finally went through the pictures on our camera and came across the picture above. I crumbled in puddle of post-partum emotion when I realized that my husband had remembered what I wanted so badly and set all of his emotions aside to make sure to capture that moment for me. It was completely unexpected and such a gift. This picture will forever remind me not only of the amazing process of childbirth that I went through three times, but also the love that my husband has for me and his willingness to put me first even during one of the most important moments of his life. It doesn’t get much more unscripted than that.A survey conducted by AVEENO found most parents say that “unscripted” moments are more beautiful than those that are perfectly planned.They are authentic and remind you of the true moments in your family’s life. AVEENO is flipping-the-script by creating an #UnscriptedBeauty Movement, encouraging parents to embrace the natural beauty of a life that doesn’t always go as planned. Simply Real Moms and AVEENO want to see YOUR Unscripted Moments, so post them on your social media using the hashtags #AVEENO and #UnscriptedBeauty so we can see them!Make sure to check out AVEENO’s Facebook page to find other moments of #UnscriptedBeauty