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As many of you have previously read, over Thanksgiving weekend we had a magical elf visit our family! Our family has thoroughly enjoyed starting the tradition of Elf Magic Elf and we have had many adventures while our sweet little elf is visiting.

Trixie has become my son’s best little pal.  He takes her everywhere; on car rides, he eats lunch with her and I have even found him reading books to her a few times. I really hope Santa is watching because he certainly has been such a good little boy to her!

Every morning right as Reece wakes up, we start our elf hunt for the day. This past week, we have found her in….

The freezer:  she sure does love cold hiding spots!

In the cereal box: When Reece found her, he started hysterically laughing and said “oh silly Trixie”!

In the dog’s food bag:  she sure does love to tease our dog!  Our dog, Wrigley doesn’t quite know what to make of her, I think he thinks she steals his food at night!

And in the Christmas tree!  (she really likes to look at all of the sparkly ornaments)

Our magic elf sure has been a joy in our family this holiday season. She has brought so much magic and joy to my son’s life. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to participate in the wonderful tradition as well! If you would like to find out how your family can participate in this wonderful holiday tradition, visit Happy Holidays!

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