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This year, our family has chosen to start the tradition of the Elf Magic Elf. Christmas is such a special time to a child’s heart, full of magic, anticipation and surprise, that we chose to have a special little elf come visit our family to share the magic of Christmas. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Elf Magic Elves are the original Christmas Elf Tradition.  The tradition starts by having your child write a letter to Santa asking for a special little elf to come visit his/her family during the holiday season. The elf typically arrives right after Thanksgiving and they become your child’s little pal during the holidays.

After writing a letter to Santa, we left out the elf’s favorite snack crackers and ice water to try to lure her from the North Pole.  We eagerly anticipated the morning where we looked for the little elf.  We looked all over the house and almost gave up, but then finally found her in the freezer! (Reece always heads to the freezer to get his Elmo ice pack for his boo-boos, so the little elf must have known that is where Reece would find her!).

Reece LOVED playing with her. He carried Trixie all over the house and she did everything with him.  He even wanted to take her to the bath, but we worried that it would hurt her magic, so we just let her sit and watch him from the bathroom sink!  At night before bed, Reece made sure to sprinkle the magic North Pole snowflakes so the little elf could continue her magical elf-capades!

The next morning, we found Trixie in our dog’s food bowl! Reece squealed in delight to find his little friend, however our dog Wrigley wasn’t too thrilled that there was an elf in his dish instead of his food!  Poor Wrigley!

We are quickly discovering that our little elf is pretty humorous, she always likes to find a funny place to be found each morning.  We have found Trixie in the cookie jar, inside our shoes and even inside our grill in the back yard! She certainly knows how to keep us on our toes as each morning we spend quite a bit of time just trying to find her!

Do you share the Magic Elf tradition with your family? How do you spread Christmas cheer? If you are interested in starting this tradition in your home, please visit You can learn more about the tradition there and also pick from several different elves of your choice! If you already share in the tradition, we would love to hear where you have found your special little elf hiding! Stay tuned for more elf-capades!