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As a new mom to a baby girl, I had NO idea how fun it would be to shop for a little girl’s clothes! There are so many things to spend money on—adorable outfits, hair bows, accessories, socks and shoes to name a few! I think I may need another job to support the shopping habits I have developed for my daughter!

While I love little girl shoes, I have a hard time rationalizing spending money on shoes when Maelie is not walking yet and will just grow out of them in a few months. Infants under six or seven months don’t even really need shoes, so it’s kind of a waste of money. However, I LOVE the socks that are designed to look like shoes! I recently discovered a line from Elegant Baby—their socks are too cute for words!

I have the Pretty in Pink organic sock collection and we love them. The socks are designed to look like shoes, so my daughter doesn’t have to wear special shoes to complete an outfit—which is great for photos, special occasions or just taking her out and about. The socks fit sizes 0-12 months, so she can wear them her whole first year. Elegant Baby is one of the few stores that offers size 0-12 months, which is a great money saver!

The Pretty in Pink collection is also organic, which is just another reason to love these socks. It comes with six different pairs and styles to suit my daughter’s different outfits. Elegant Baby also sells several other sock collections in different colors and styles to suit all of your baby girl’s fashions. And don’t worry, if you’re a mom to a little baby boy, Elegant Baby has you covered, they have adorable sock collections for boys too!

Here is a picture of my daughter with her sweet little socks on—I know I’m biased, but she is pretty adorable in these socks!

Elegant Baby offers a wide variety of baby clothes, gifts, toys and keepsake items for babies. Just a few of the items you can find there are adorable baby outfits, personalized baby blankets, piggy banks and toys! Elegant Baby is the perfect place to look for shower and baby gifts; it is a one-stop shop for special and meaningful gifts.  My son also has the bath toy cars and he LOVES them.  We have a really hard time getting him out of the bathtub now that he has these toys!

Be sure to visit for their latest products and specials and be sure to visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

*A sample was sent to us free of charge from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso. All opinions are our own.”