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My six year old wanted a president-themed birthday party this year.  How awesome is that?! I took the idea and ran with it before she could change her mind (she didn’t), but it wasn’t lost on me that she happened to choose this theme on an election year.  With all of the chaos of the election, what better way to reduce the stress than with a party? This year, after your ballot is cast, have a little bit of fun with your kid(s) while also being educational! Here are a few ideas from the party that we’ll probably bust out again on November 8th.
election party

I’m pretty sure a party isn’t a party without dessert (can I get a fact check on that?).  I opted for my go-to party pleaser cake pops, as well as a traditional flag cake.  The cake is just a lemon box cake mix with vanilla icing, and then the blueberries and sliced strawberries.  So easy, yet so good.  election party

Step two in party planning:  decorations.  I ordered these president cutouts on Amazon for $7.00 for 10, and then cut the hats out of cardstock so they would all be ready to party.  We also made a bunch of campaign posters, and I picked up some star balloons from Dollar Tree, which is by far the best deal for helium balloons.
election party

A friend found the USA balloons on clearance at Target after the Fourth of July, but a little Google search turns up plenty of other options.  The banner is made up of some canvas scraps from another project and acrylic paint.

election party

For activities, we had a photo “booth,” with a flag background made out of streamers.  I found the president masks on Oriental Trading, and while they’re a little creepy, I think they’re hilarious.  And the kids got a kick out of them.

election party

We also had a little voting station.  I didn’t want it to become a popularity contest, so instead of voting for their friends, I had the kids vote for their favorite color and Disney character.  I found the stickers on Oriental Trading, too, so that they could get the full voting experience.  I found the tattoos underneath at Hobby Lobby, and have found that temporary tattoos are always a hit.  election party

For games, I thought it would be fun to keep things a little bit traditional and a little old school.  So I saved some tin cans and wrapped some ribbon around them for a baseball toss, and we put out a few buckets for a coin toss.  I cannot believe how long the kids were entertained by such simple games!  election party

For party favors, each kid got a personalized button that I made using these from Hobby Lobby, and the adults got their own humorous versions.  The ducks are from Oriental Trading, but as of writing this, are out of stock and I don’t know if/when they’ll get any more.  The workbooks were found at Walmart for less than $1.00 each, and I couldn’t have been more excited.election party

I think more and more people are turning away from politics and don’t want to be involved with what it’s becoming.  But we need to show our kids that it’s super important and it doesn’t have to be scary.  So on November 8th, let’s make politics fun for them, and party like it’s 1776 (but with more equality)!