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As busy parents, it’s easy to put things off until the last minute. This goes for holidays, too! If you’re looking for some egg activities to do with your children Easter weekend, the search stops here. Your children will ahve a blast with these 5 fabulous egg activities that you can do–even as late as on Easter itself!

Dye eggs with Kool Aid

Why waste money on egg dying kits from the store when you can dye them with Kool Aid so easily? Read all about this alternative to traditional egg dying and how it is done HERE.

Glow stick eggs

Using plastic eggs, place tiny glow sticks in them and hide them around the house. I got my mini glow sticks from This is a great activity to do with older children and keep them excited about an egg hunt! My tween daughter loved it.

No-dye Easter Eggs

These amazing glitter eggs are so fun and easy to do-without the mess of dying eggs. Read the DIY tutorial HERE.

Blown out decorated eggs

Another great activity to do with your older children this Easter is blowing out eggs and decorating them. These eggs will last year after year as decorations! Read the step by step instructions HERE.

Egg Gardening

Why not add a little bit of spring life in your house by planting seeds in egg shells with your children? This is a great gardening activity that children of all ages can enjoy this spring. Read HERE for details and a great plant watering tip for young children.