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I recently co-hosted a baby shower where the theme was owls. The parents-to-be know the sex of the baby, but they’re not telling, so it was a neutral theme (I think it’s a boy!).

I was in charge of the cake, so I pulled up my trusty Pinterest page and searched for owl cakes. I found lots of choices, but I thought this cupcake owl was the cutest and easiest to make. It was also super easy to divvy up among the guests—no knife or cake server needed!

It would also be great for a kid’s birthday or a Halloween party (I would make the owl dark purple or gray for Halloween). Customize the frosting and candy colors to your own theme and have fun with it!

Here is the owl again with her "owlettes!"


  • 14-18 cupcakes (big owl takes 14 cupcakes, if you choose to make owlettes, you should have an additional three or four cupcakes).
  • 2-3 cups buttercream frosting (you can even use a can of frosting to make it even easier).
  • Junior Mints (you only need two, so buy a small box)
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Chocolate wafer cookies
  • Gummy rings (I used peach rings)
  • Lifesaver Gummies (if making owlette)
  • Mini M&Ms (if making owlette)
  • Pretzel rods
  • Jelly orange slices
  • Coconut
  • Chocolate sprinkles


  1. Bake cupcakes according to package instructions and let cool.
  2. Arrange cupcakes on tray as shown below.
  3. Cut six wafer cookies in half (using a serrated knife helps prevent unwanted breakage).
  4. Frost four cupcakes white.
  5. While frosting is still sticky, immediately dip edges of two cupcakes in chocolate sprinkles as shown.
  6. Press a wafer cookie on top of each cupcake. Add a dollop of frosting to center of each wafer and press gummy ring on top. Add a Junior Mint to the center of each ring (you may need to use a bit more frosting to make it stick).
  7. Slip a wafer half at an angle under each wafer eye to create a brow.
  8. Frost remaining cupcakes light green (or whatever color you choose) and immediately sprinkle with coconut in a round shape across the “chest” of the owl.
  9. Sprinkle mini chocolate chips over coconut.
  10. Press an orange slice between eyes for owl’s beak.
  11. Lightly press wafer halves into sides to create wings (you can see mine are uneven, so don’t worry about them being exactly perfect).
  12. Press pretzel sticks into bottom white cupcakes to create branches. Break some of the pretzels to give a more natural look.
  13. Cut up an orange slice into six points and add them to top pretzel for owl’s toes.

For the Owlettes:

If you want to add a little something extra to your owl cake, or just need more cupcakes for your party, make some mini owls or “owlettes.” Here’s how:

  1. Frost owlettes desired color.
  2. Press wafer halves into sides and Lifesaver Gummies on top for eyes. NOTE: I experimented with different sizes of wafer wings for these. You can make them big or small, whichever you prefer. Simply cut the wafer to the size you like best.
  3. Add mini M&M into middle of gummy for eyeball (you’ll need to use more frosting to get it to stick).
  4. Cut a small triangle of wafer to place under gummy eye for an eyebrow and press into place.
  5. Sprinkle with coconut, then mini chocolate chips.
  6. Cut small triangle out of orange slice and press in for nose.