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As a mom to two active children I feel most of my days are spent rushing out the door. Whether it’s to run errands, take the kids to school, or attend events, quick and easy snacks on the go are a must for our family. One of our favorite go-to snacks are smoothies− not only are they healthy, they are also filling for the kids. However the time spent preparing and cleaning up the mess is not something I look forward to and I normally have to prepare in advance. So when I learned about Dole Smoothie Shakers I just knew I had to give them a try.

Dole Shakers

My kids are HUGE fans of Dole. In fact, every time we visit Hawaii we have to take a trip to the Dole Plantation. So when I told them we would be buying some Smoothie Shakers from Dole, they jumped in the air and said YAY! 


The Smoothie Shakers were available at our local Target which made buying easy since I feel like I am there twice a week anyways. I picked them up in the freezer aisle and once home put them in our freezer until we were ready to use.

Inside the shakers you will find real frozen fruit and Greek yogurt. With just 190 calories, all natural fruit and veggies, and pre- & probiotics, this low fat smoothie is a good source of fiber and calcium.

Smoothie fruit

The process to make is quite simple that even my three year old could do it himself.

Step 1: Take the shaker out of the freezer and locate the “fill zone”

Juice fill zone

Step 2: Pour in the juice of your choice. If you aren’t sure, there are juice recommendations on each shaker.

Easy for Kids

Step 3: SHAKE (the fun part for kids)!

Step 4: Drink!

One huge plus to the Dole Smoothie Shakers is that there really is no mess! You pour the juice right into the shaker, shake, and drink straight from the shaker cup. No need to wash anything afterwards.

Dole recently introduced their New Dole Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers POWER Smoothies that are available in 3 varieties:

  • Blueberry Banana with Red Beet (Blue POWER) Shakers
  • Pineapple Mango with Sweet Potato and Carrot (Yellow POWER) Shakers
  • Strawberry Raspberry with Red Beet and Purple Carrot (Red POWER) Shakers

These shakers are packed with vitamins, protein, real fruit and veggies, and the best part? Tastes just like fruit! We can’t wait to try these new POWER smoothies this summer!

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