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I am not the crafty one in our Simply Real Moms group. If I ever contribute a post to this section, you’ll know two things right off the bat: 1) I was inspired by someone else, and 2) it’s a very, very easy (and usually inexpensive) project! I don’t do complicated crafts. Creativity (at least of this kind) is not in my genes. With that said, I have to give credit where credit is due: Pinterest is my inspiration source for anything remotely crafty (it is also my vice, my addiction, my entertainment while nursing my babies, etc). It’s a little bit ridiculous, and a little bit awesome.

This is a project I can’t attribute to any one pinner; all of you know how popular this particular medium is, and it has flooded pin boards for months now. You know what I’m talking about—chalkboard paint—specifically, the spray paint. Does it get ANY easier than that?

Here’s what I did. I found an old round table from college (you know, the kind with the screw-on legs) and I took the top part outside with a can of chalkboard spray paint. I laid the table top in the grass, and I followed the directions on the can. I forgot to take pictures of the round table top (oops!), so these pictures are of a similar piece of wood I also wanted to turn into a chalkboard. I kind of want to turn everything into a chalkboard. I’m hooked.

So here are my materials:

I sprayed the board a couple times, waiting for the paint to dry between each spray, and then 24 hours later, I used the side of a piece of chalk to cover the entire surface. Don’t ask me why—the can just said to do it, so I did!

I wiped down the surface with a dry rag, and then I got to work. By “work,” I mean writing with chalk.  Here’s how my finished project turned out:


I ended up trying it on our mantle. It could go almost anywhere, though! I think it'd make a really cute menu board in the kitchen.
One more victim of my chalkboard painting spree. I love it!

And that’s the extent of my craftiness! By the way, I’m definitely jumping the gun on spring’s arrival, but the 70-degree weather and sunshine were irresistible!