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Easter (3 of 3)

There are so many cool toys and accessories as kids get older to fill those Easter Baskets that are equally as awesome as candy but last a lot longer. Easter Baskets used to be filled with tons of candy, I know growing up mine was. Now that I am a mother I am so excited to put a little spin on things and add not only a little style but practical items my children can use throughout the year in their baskets. Spring starts right before Easter which means I can take advantage and add all those outdoor toys and styles to the kids Easter Baskets.

1. Pip & Bean Customer Superhero Capes are the perfect Easter Basket liner. Ditch that messy grass that ends up all over the house and in the yard and line your basket with something your children can use all year round. I love the idea of lining baskets with a usable item and these customer Capes are perfect! You can even personalize them with your child’s initials. Perfect for outdoor play as weather only gets nicer for Spring.

2. J. Crew has the coolest Kids Star Wars Cookbook With LightSaber Ice-POP Trays are so much fun! It comes with a 64 page book with over 30 recipes and a mold for lightsaber ice pops. Kids will love these and they are perfect for those Easter Basket fillers.

3. Kids Ridely’s Yo-Yo from J. Crew is perfect for some old fashion fun. I like to add toys that are things I grew up with so my kids can see the things we had. While this is not just a standard Yo-Yo, it lights up and flashes with sound effects, it is super cool and great for kids all ages.

4. Crayola’s Washable Sidewak chalk comes with 3 Chicks & 3 Colorful Eggs to draw outside with. The great thing about these is they wash off easily with water to avoid long term mess. The large eggs are perfect for little hands and awesome for some outdoor fun.

5. Kids Finger- Printing Fairy Tale Art Set by J. Crew. I was so excited when I saw these! My daughter is at that age where she just loves to color, design and create. This is a perfect gift for any aspiring storyteller. It comes with three ink pads, 12 rubber stamps and six colored pencils with a side of hours full of fun!

6. Classic Herschel Supply Backpack in Neon Sequence. Great to fill all of your Easter Basket accessories and fun and take on the go with you. I’m loving the Neon orange for this Spring!

7. Jessica, the owner of Opposite of Far makes the most amazing child masks. She encourages playtime and imagination for all children. You can choose from so many different animals as there are tons of options available.  Everything is amazing quality and handmade. These make the perfect little accessory for any Easter Basket.

8. Salt Water Sandals are the best sandals for Spring & Summer because they stand up even in salt water. Flexible, high grade sole and heavy, durable leather straps for easy-going comfort and long wear. They come in so many stylish colors and will last an eternity compared to other sandals. They are our favorite!

9. Little Sapling Toys makes personalized wooden toy cameras for modern imaginations. You can personalize your Camera wooden toy with anything you want, up to 20 characters. These are adorable and made so well! Each Camera comes ready to give with a cotton drawstring carrying pouch and tag. We love these products as they are made with maple, walnut, wood, beeswax, organic jojoba oil,  and of course love.