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After the holidays, I realized I have gotten myself into an unhealthy eating funk that I needed to get out of. We were eating too many snacks, takeout dinners and I was indulging in desserts more than I’d like to admit. It happens every year, and then come February I’m ready to get back into making healthier choices!

We’ve been trying to re-create some of our favorite take out meals in a healthier way, and one of my absolute favorite things is a salad from one of our local pizza places, Mary’s Pizza Shack. Their house salad is what dreams are made of and full of lettuce, hearty veggies, eggs, cheese, salami and mushrooms, topped off with a 3 bean salad. Oh, that three bean salad. It just does something magical to a basic salad and takes it up a notch!Oh my gosh this Italian salad looks AMAZING

To make the three bean salad at home, I looked at so many different recipes and they all seemed more complicated than I was willing to try for a salad topping but most included vinegar and oil which led me to try using Italian dressing and VOILA! A simple, homemade 3 bean salad!

Here’s how:

Drain and rinse one can each of S&W Kidney Beans, S&W Garbanzo Beans and S&W Green Beans. Empty the cans into a bowl and add chopped up celery, thinly sliced red onion and drizzle your favorite Italian dressing overtop. Mix togetherEasiest 3 Bean Salad RecipeLet the salad marinate in your refrigerator for at least an hour, but the longer it sits the better it tastes! I love the simplicity of it and it is a deliciously easy way to enjoy 3 bean salad!Simple 3 Bean Salad

The only reason this recipe cheat works is because the beans are high quality. I’m super picky about the ingredients that go into my recipes and S&W beans live up to my high standards. They look amazing & taste great too, making the salad everything. S&W beans are always the highest quality and perfect for the lead role in a simple recipe.

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