Earn $25,000 For Your School With Scholar Dollars!

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I try to help out my son’s school any chance I get. While I can’t volunteer in the classroom with two toddlers in tow, I offer to help out at fundraising events and take home projects that can be done when my husband is home with the kids.Children are raised hands in classroom.

Our kids’ schools have teachers, administration and office staff that all work together to give our children an amazing education, but when parents can step in and help with some of the simple duties or help raise money for the school the school staff can put more effort into better education.

While my son’s school is amazing, I would love to see them able to offer extra curricular activities or even computers for all the students to use but those kinds of things cost extra money that just aren’t in the budget. Luckily I just found out about Scholar Dollars, 20 grants for California elementary and middle schools that range from $5,000 to $25,000 (depending on the school’s size).Scholar Dollars Logo

The Scholar Dollar grants from ScholarShare can be used for anything from musical instruments, computers, library books and sports equipment to support enrichment programs such as tutoring labs, student counseling, science and technology and many other activities.Reading with a Little Boy

Only school administrators can apply, so let your school know about the Scholar Dollar grants! Applications for the Scholar Dollar grants must be submitted by February 22nd, and then all registered schools will be put onto an online ballot that explains how each school plans to use the grant should they be chosen. This is a great way for parents and boosters to be a huge help for their child’s school.

There’s no reason to miss out on this amazing opportunity to help out your child’s school, let them know about the Scholar Dollar Grants today!

Your school administration can apply for the Scholar Dollar grant by clicking HERE

This post is sponsored by ScholarShare as part of Simply Real Moms ambassadorship.

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