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Dyson Ball Animal VacuumAs a mom of three boys, I feel like I am vacuuming all the time.

All. The. Time.

That’s not even remotely an exaggeration. Thanks to a carpeted dining room, we have to vacuum after every meal. Snacks throughout the day leave little crumbs around the house and the boys’ shoes track in leaves and grass daily. I am ALWAYS vacuuming.

We’ve had a few different vacuums in my house but I’ve been in search of one that really picks up all the mess and can hold up to being used constantly. The vacuums we’ve had in the past have all been ok, but after a bit they tend to not really pick up the crumbs as well and that’s pretty frustrating.Dyson Ball Animal

So when I heard that the new Dyson Ball Animal has the strongest suction of any vacuum and that it stands the test of time (10 years or more!!!) with the same suction strength I was seriously excited to check it out!

This thing is impressive! We did a quick vacuum of the main living area in the house with our current vacuum and then took the Dyson over the area after and were floored by how much our other vacuum left behind that the Dyson Ball Animal was able to pick up! The first use exceeded my expectations by far.

The new Dyson Ball Animal has so many great features that are obviously well thought out and made with the care and quality that the Dyson name is now known for. Here are my favorite features on it:

It works on any kind of flooring, and I can transition from my carpet to my tile flawlessly! So awesome!Dyson Vacuum transitions between floortypes flawlessly

The wand and hose are compact yet expand for use far away from the vacuum when necessary. The wand slides down into the hose when not in use, and it easily comes out and expands when you need it! No extra hose to snap into place, it all compacts like an accordian.

It moves anywhere! The ball feature makes turning and getting the Ball Animal into hard to reach places possible without much effort.Dyson Ball Animal turns so easily

It comes with extra tools that are pretty cool! The multi angle brush has made cleaning our ceiling fans an easy task. The curve of the tool fits so easily overtop of each fan blade! It’s great for the tops of tall furniture and cabinets too. The tangle free turbine is perfect for cleaning up pet hair (or post partum hair loss hair!!!) and I love the way it cleans my couch cushions and car seats!Dyson extra tools

The Dyson Ball Animal also comes with all the same great features that are standard in all Dyson vacuums: the 5 year warranty, no added cost of bags or new filters, easy to empty dirt bin and several standard tools.Dyson standard features

We are loving our new Dyson Ball Animal! My only real complaint is that it’s pretty heavy. We live in a one story house, but I can imagine that it would be frustrating to carry it up and down stairs often. For me, it would be worth the extra weight to be able to have a vacuum that has strong suction and will last though.

This vacuum truly stands the test of momlife (or dadlife!). Check out the new Dyson Ball Animal today! It is available now for purchase at Best Buy.

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